Plastic surgeries sound scary for many people who are not entirely familiar with it. For every “I want to get X surgery”, there is a “what if it goes wrong” waiting around the corner. And those who worry about this type of outcome are not wrong to do so. Plastic surgery gone wrong, also known as a botched surgery, actually happens way less than one might think.

Moreover, many of the plastic surgeries have about 95% chance of being successful. But, falling in the 5% is what scares many people, as the results are, in most cases, shockingly bad. In this article, we will focus on what considers as a plastic surgery gone wrong, why plastic surgery goes wrong, and give some examples for botched celebrity plastic surgeries.Let’s take it back to the very beginning. The very reason why many people want to get plastic surgery in the first place is because they are not happy about a certain part of their body. Whether it is entirely for cosmetic purposes, or just for health purposes, people wish to change those parts through medical means. Your aim, and thus your esthetician’s aim, is to correct those flaws on your body. That being said, if your surgery results in either:

Then you can safely assume that your operation classifies as plastic surgery gone wrong. This can happen for a number of different reasons. We can divide these reasons into two groups.One of the most important reasons why there is a chance you can find yourself on a “Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong” list on the internet is choosing the wrong clinic and/or esthetician. Many people think that if the clinic is charging you a very large amount of money, you will have your money’s worth, but that is just not how it works.

Often in the Hollywood’s worst plastic surgeries list the main reason why many celebrities make it to that list is the notorious estheticians that operated on them. A simple, yet effective way you can prevent falling into the hands of a not-so-skilled esthetician is by researching their background, the results of the surgeries they performed, and the overall client response.

Another issue that may occur during the surgery comes from how sterile the esthetician or the clinic is overall. Cosmetic or not, these are surgeries after all. Any missed detail in the hygiene, small or big, may result in a major issue.Now in this portion, it is more up to you what happens next. If you know the things to do before and after plastic surgery, then you should also know how important it is to follow those guidelines to avoid any mishaps. Some of the things you should definitely avoid after having plastic surgery are excessive drinking, smoking, following a wrong exercise routine, and not taking the necessary medications. Remember, while the estheticians are the ones making the changes on your body, it is your responsibility to take the necessary actions in order for your body to get used to these changes. We know that body positivity is very important. But we can all agree that a plastic surgery gone wrong is just a recipe for disaster. A bad outcome of plastic surgery affects the client’s mental health majorly, and this can lead to more body image issues. Not only this botched operation will result in a very unattractive look, but it can (and in many cases, will) affect your physical health greatly as well. Yes, aside from looking like a very cartoonish Disney villain, you may also face the risks of inflammation, permanent scars, partial paralysis, or in the very worst cases, amputation even. 

But what many people do not realize is that you can reverse these mishaps with another surgery. Picture this: you just got a rhinoplasty surgery. All is going well until it’s not, and once the bandages are removed you realized the result is nothing like you imagined, or you just have a hard time breathing through your nose. To fix this, you can get a revision rhinoplasty. In cases like this, revision surgeries will allow estheticians to work on the body again to fix whatever that went wrong in the first place.

Jocelyn Wildestein

Perhaps the first person that will pop into people’s heads when we mention plastic surgery gone wrong lists is Jocelyn Wildestein. Nicknamed “The Lion Queen” for her cat-like features, the infamous socialite looks like a comic book supervillain with all of the plastic surgeries she has had. Towards the end of her marriage in the late 1990’s, she got around plastic surgery and, as it is reported, has spent 4 million dollars on plastic surgeries. Though she denied any plastic surgery allegations, almost every professional is certain that she at least had face lift surgery, eyebrow uplifting, facial fat transfer, and eyelid aesthetic surgery.

Tara Reid

Once the beloved character of the American Pie franchise, Tara Reid’s unsuccessful plastic surgeries is an unfortunate reminder on how quickly media will turn on celebrities. Though compared to Wildestein, Reid has had notably fewer surgeries. Around 2004, she made headlines for the results of her botched liposuction and breast implant surgeries. Around 2006, she got the necessary revision surgeries and in later years, she said in an interview that she was unhappy with her breasts being uneven, and she desired to have a sixpack for an upcoming project.

Making the right decisions is ultimately the most important step that will prevent a plastic surgery gone wrong. In Milano Clinic, our expert estheticians will show through their actions —before, during, and after the surgery— that you made all the right choices with choosing us. For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us.

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