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Eyebrow Uplifting in Turkey

Eyebrows have an important role in the expression of the human face. While expressing our feelings and emotions, facial mimics are accompanied by eyebrows. When we're so nervous, we frown or raise our eyebrows while smiling. Here in Milano Clinic Eyebrow Uplifting in Turkey will help you obtain beautiful eyebrows!

This simple but effective process will not ignore the fact that eyebrows give a much younger appearance to the face. Thus, the role of the aesthetic aspect of the face will not be in question again.

Eyebrow Uplifting Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 1-2 Hours
Operation Area Face
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 1 Day
Start Time Post/Op 1
First Shower 2 Days Later
Recovery Time 1 Week
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio Same Day
Suture Mark No Suture
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type  -
Oedema Status  -
Hospitalize  -
Open/Close Technic  -

What is Eyebrow Uplifting?

The sagging of your eyebrows and hooding of your upper eyelids are caused by skin wrinkling and loss of tone, which can be corrected with an eyebrow uplifting operation.

The most common technique used in eyebrow uplifting is the eyebrow lifting technique. Thanks to this technique, which is becoming more popular in recent years, it is possible to obtain a natural look on the eyebrows and give a more youthful expression to the facial features. However, other defects in the face prevent the eyebrow lifting process from being sufficient. Therefore, forehead lifting, rhinoplasty, and so on can also be applied. This process eliminates the appearance of the tired and collapsed face caused by the eyebrows. If the person does not have another defect, he/she will look 10 years younger.

If the eyebrow fall does not intervene promptly, the deformation in this region may cause sagging in the eyelids. This results in a much older and tired face. Even if some women think that they can make their faces look younger by applying makeup tricks, none of these efforts will give the desired result if there is deformation in the eyebrow area. Since eyebrows are one of the regions where makeup is applied, if the eyebrow line is not ideal and the eyebrow structure is loosening and collapsing or eyebrows are sparse, the make-up effect will be lost. Yes, perhaps it is possible to remove wrinkles on the cheeks or forehead with makeup, but it is not possible to eliminate the exhausted expression in the eyebrows.

Cost of Eyebrow Uplifting

One of the most frequently asked questions about eyebrow uplifting is the prices of this operation. First of all, let us underline that eyebrow uplifting is a preferred aesthetic operation. In the past, the idea that such operations were expensive caused people to remain shy. The fact that eyebrow lifting aesthetics have become increasingly widespread has led to a decrease in costs. However, it should be noted that eyebrow uplifting is an operation that differs for everyone. For more detailed information, you can contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Uplifting

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Eyebrows move along with a muscle structure and help to express what we want to create on our faces.

Another mission of the eyebrows is that they are against other factors that may come to our eyes such as, rainwater, dust, etc.

The items are attached to the eyebrows while we are draining down from our region. Our eyebrows are also protective of minimizing harmful substances that can function as eyelashes.

In addition, the aesthetically smooth and curved muscles show the person much more attractive and younger. Throughout history, people have paid attention to the appearance of their eyebrows. Even eyebrows became the subject of folk songs, people began to describe their loved ones according to the shape of eyebrows. The phrase violin eyebrow is an example.

How Eyebrows Should Look Like?

The structure of the eyebrow has been shaped so that it is compatible with the facial features of everyone until a certain age. However, in the middle age period, especially in women's eyebrow structure deterioration occurs. Processes like multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding, and so on lead to fatigue in the body structure and slow down tissue regeneration. Women, therefore, begin to notice that their brow structures have changed after a while. As a result, they resort to various makeup tricks to get their old eyebrow appearance.

However, this initiative will not mean anything in the long run. On the contrary, the loosening of the eyebrows will increase due to the deformation caused by the makeup materials. The ideal appearance of eyebrows varies according to everyone, but in general, it is possible to talk about a curved structure. In fact, the degree of the curved structure changes. Because the degree of curvature will vary according to the proportion of the facial contours and the width of the forehead.

What is the Drop of Eyebrows and How Does It Occur?

The human body is in constant development by renewing cells and tissues. However, as age progresses, cell and tissue regeneration slows down and becomes stationary after a point.

The first examples of this condition are observed in the forehead region since its structure is constantly in motion and has natural lines. The deterioration of the tissues causes the wrinkles and thus the lines to increase.

Deformation of the forehead area causes eyebrows to be affected. This is the case known as eyebrow drop. According to the facial expressions, the structure of the eyebrows, which are constantly moving, slows down and the line is broken. Generally, the eyebrow drop causes a heavier and older appearance.

However, with the help of current techniques, it is possible to get rid of this unwanted image. The person who applies for Eyebrow Uplifting may have the ideal eyebrow appearance according to the facial features. For this purpose, the wrinkles on the horizontal axis are removed and the loosened eyebrow tissue is tightened again. An arched structure is provided to the eyebrows by maintaining the correct angle. Thus, the facial features appear much younger and alive.

Who Can Get Eyebrow Uplifting?

Especially women, who are pregnant, breastfeeding, and so on, facial structures change after the processes. Cell regeneration slows down in the tissues of the forehead and the number of wrinkles in this area increases. Wrinkle formation on the horizontal axis causes the condition known as eyebrow drop. This creates the basis for an older and unwanted appearance in the face structures of women.

Relaxation of the eyebrows occurs over time. If it is not intervened in a timely manner, the brow line is disrupted. The eyebrow removal method eliminates this problem with a relatively simple approach. Anyone who is faced with the problem of eyebrow fall may apply the eyebrow uplifting technique.

Can Eyebrow Uplifting be Done to Anyone?

Yes, it can be done to anyone who is in good health.

Can I Get Eyebrow Uplifting, Although My Eyebrows are Rare?

Yes, sparse eyebrows do not interfere with this process.

What Technique is Used for Eyebrow Uplifting?

The proven rope eyebrow lifting technique is used for this process. This technique is the most common eyebrow removal technique known.

Can Eyebrow Uplifting be Performed with Combined Aesthetics?

Yes, it can be done with botox and filling operations.

How Much Younger Do I Look with Eyebrow Uplifting?

If you don't have another defect on your face, you can look 10 years younger.

Would My Eyebrows Fall Again?

This situation varies from person to person. Intensive use of eyebrows, care of the forehead area, etc. may cause a fall in the eyebrows. This period can reach an average of 3 years.

Can I Remove the Eyebrow Again with the Rope?

Yes, eyebrow lifting can be repeated at any time.

With the Eyebrow Uplifting Operation, Can I Give My Eyebrows a Curvature Look?

Technically this is possible. The reason it's so popular is that it's a natural look. A curve that won't fit your face will disrupt the natural look. Therefore, a more than ideal size is not recommended.

Is There Pain After Eyebrow Uplifting?

No, there is no pain. The patient continues his normal life after the healing process.