What is Breast Implant?

A breast implant is a prosthesis that is used to alter a person’s breast size, shape, and contour. Breast implants can be used to make a woman’s breasts larger and fuller.

Breasts are the most important organs in terms of aesthetics in women’s bodies. The general function of breasts, breastfeeding, is also considered as the beauty criterion of women. Therefore, for women who want to have beautiful breasts at the same time with breast enhancement, aesthetics is possible.

Cost of Breast Implant

The price of a breast implant varies based on the location, doctor, and implant type. The type of anesthesia used and the length of time spent in the hospital are further factors in the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Implant

Who Can Have Breast Implant Surgery ?

Breasts are the most important elements of the female body. So, they affect many factors from posture to underwear or from clothes worn to women’s self-confidence.

Those who feel that their breasts are smaller than normal can get support from specialist surgeons for breast enhancement aesthetics. In addition, women who think that their breasts are small and empty after pregnancy can have this application.

First of all, it is important that women who do not have progress in breast developmental stages and who have breasts since adolescence apply to this surgery. In such patients, there is no hormonal disorder and structural conditions are generally effective.

In addition, at the end of the breastfeeding period, the breasts may be emptied. A breast implant is the best solution in such cases. In patients who are vaccinated, sagging may occur in progressive processes.

Among women who want to benefit from breast implants, there are women who have problems with the shape and volume of their breasts. In other words, breast aesthetics can be applied due to the shape differences in the breasts. Finally, those who want to make their breasts larger may prefer this process. Of course, in such cases, patients should be older than 18 years.

Which Implants Should be Preferred in Breast Implant?

The chest structure of the patients, the requested breast size, and body anatomy are examined by the surgeon and the shape and size of the implant are determined.

Considerations on the Day of the Breast Implant

On the day of the procedure, no food consumption should be made after midnight unless the surgeon specifies. It is also important that patients wear comfortable clothes for surgery. Clothes that are wide, long, and buttoned will be ideal.

It is also necessary to take a warm shower with anti-bacterial soap the day before the operation. As with many aesthetic operations, smoking consumption should be left before breast implant surgery. This period covers the 15 days prior to processing.

In addition to blood diluent, vitamins and herbal drugs should not be used within 10 days prior to the operation. In addition, the past illnesses of the patients should be shared with the surgeon. If there is no specific health problem, it will be decided whether or not the patient is suitable for the operation.

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast prostheses, called silicone, are divided into different types in terms of structure, shape, and content. In terms of content, breast prostheses are divided into two different types with saline and silicone content. In this context, the prostheses used in the breast enhancement aesthetics process include saltwater and silicone gel.

Prostheses that are flat and rough according to the surface structure can also be preferred today. In terms of shape, drop and round prosthesis are used. In round dentures, vertical and horizontal diameters are equal. In the droplets, the vertical diameter is slightly longer than the horizontal diameter.

Drop Implant: This implant shape is similar to a water drop. Therefore, it is called anatomical silicon because of its similarity to the anatomical structure of the breast.

Round Implant: Round silicones, which the patient and the surgeon co-decision jointly, are generally preferred in patients with loose tissue.

Silicone Implant: This implant does not harm the body, it gives a natural feeling.

Saline Implant: This type of prosthesis containing saline was used frequently in earlier times. Today, it is rarely preferred.

Textured Implant: Drop silicones are examined in the category of rough prosthesis. The risks that may occur around silicon in these surface coatings are minimized.

Silicone Selection for Breast Implant

Silicone breast prostheses are used for breast implants. This process, which is made by the so-called dimethyl-slicone polymer, is also called the bioimplant. In addition, many people today use semi-solid or solid forms with different gel forms. However, the most used area is in the process of breast enhancement aesthetics.

Silicone prostheses contain silicones. Sometimes saline. The common side of these substances is contacting the prosthesis with the patient’s body.

Silicones are especially preferred in different shapes and volumes according to the demands of the patient. The surface of all these silicones must be rough. Because the silicones have been impregnated, later on, there is little risk of deforming. Their shapes are composed of different alternatives such as rounds, drops, and half drops.

Is the Usage of Silicone Safe in Breast Implant?

In many clinical studies to date, silicone-containing prostheses have not been found to cause any health problems. Therefore, silicone prostheses have been used for many aesthetic procedures since 2006.

It is known that women who cannot perform prosthesis ultrasound in mammary tissue without mammography have herniated tissue examination controls without mammography or MRI in breast tissue. In this way, when all types of lesions are detected, many radiology centers can be examined for prosthetic breasts.

Many patients are doing research on this subject. Silicone insertion usually does not cause allergies. However, what kind of materials used is important in this context.

Before the Breast Implant Surgery

There are some conditions that should be considered before breast implant surgery by a qualified plastic surgeon. In this process, the ideal breast size should be decided first. Since there are no limitations to determine the size of the breast, patients should transfer their expectations to the doctor. Then the surgeon who considers the demands should share the ideal breast size.

The factors such as the base width of the breasts, arm length, the width of the rib cage, patient’s length, and shoulder width are taken into account when determining the breast size. The fact that both breasts are equal should be ensured by this operation. In addition, the breasts must look alive and full, the body must be large enough to carry it.

How to Place Breast Implant?

There are different regions where the implant can be placed in the breast enlargement process. In this process, which is realized as a result of the patient’s recommendations completely, implant placement is provided in three different places, from the dark part of the nipple area, under the armpit, or under the breasts. With the joint decision of the doctor and the patient, detailed information about the operation process, technical information, and the process after the procedure is presented to the patients.

And you won’t have a trace under the breast since the incision is only done in the armpit area. The same applies to the umbilical region. Only redness occurs after a period of time.

When the silicone is placed with the incision made under the breast, the milk duct is not affected. Also, the scar is not as clear as the bottom of the breast

How is Breast Implant Performed?

A breast implant is performed by placing a prosthesis in the breast tissue. Prostheses are placed with the incision to be removed from the predetermined area. Patients who want their breasts to look fuller and more beautiful can only do this with breast implant surgery.

This surgery is not mandatory for health. However, this application, which is important for those who care about their physical appearance and want to feel good both socially and spiritually, is now successfully implemented. Because the needle will be injected to open the vascular access during the operation, only this pain is felt.

The procedure will be painless with the effect of anesthesia. However, the only situation that will disturb you after the operation is the feeling of fullness in the breasts. In this process, water retention formation can also be observed.

Painkillers can also be prescribed by the surgeon on the first day after the operation. In order to prevent any complications, one night in the hospital is recommended.

How Long Will the Surgery Take?

This breast implant surgery takes a total of 1-1,5 hours.

How Long is the Resting Period After Breast Implant?

Generally, it is recommended to rest for 2 days. According to the structure of the patient, this period can be up to 4 days.

After Breast Implant

After a breast implant, although there will be no significant pain, there will be very little tension. In this case, the growth in the breasts will occur. Severe pains are not experienced after the operation and you can usually feel the tension caused by the seams.

If the prostheses are placed under the muscles, you may feel pain for about 1 week. In the prosthesis placed under the chest, the pain is much low. Special tape and wraps will be used on the chest to create the necessary pressure after surgery. The drains are also used in the surgery and removed several days after the procedure.

Liquid or solid foods should not be consumed within the first 6-8 hours after surgery. The feeling of tiredness caused by the operation will also end within the first two days. As the patient begins to recover, she realizes that she feels good psychologically.

The first 1 week of antibiotic use is also important. Of course, these drugs should only be used in a manner that the surgeon will prescribe. Patients who are discharged after 1 day can return to their daily life after resting for four days.

The windings to be used after the operation are intended to prevent the incisions from passing water. With these windings, which must not be removed for up to 4 days, the incision areas can also be closed without stitching. In this case, there is no need to take stitches.

A sports bra is also a product that should be used after the operation. The sports bra will provide the patients with more self-confidence. After 6 weeks, it may be preferable to wear a bra underwire.

Finally, a few days after the breast implant surgery cold ice compress can be applied.  This application that eliminates bruising and pains does not lower the swelling in the breasts. These swellings usually last up to 6 weeks.

After Breast Implant Would There Be Symmetry In The Breasts?

There is no change in symmetrical appearance in any way after surgery. In addition, all conditions can be corrected by surgery.

How Many cm is the Incision Used in Surgery?

4 cm incision is applied. Also, the length of the incision may differ depending on the type of implant that is preferred.

Can Breast Implant Cause Sagging After a While?

Silicone prostheses used in surgery do not cause sagging. After a while, however, sagging may occur due to aging.

Does Water Retention Occur After Breast Implant?

After every aesthetic surgical operation, edema may occur in the process area. However, these edemas are generally mild. It disappears after a few days.

Will I Have Arm Pain After Surgery?

After surgery, there may be a slight pain in both arms. However, this pain can be controlled by prescribed painkillers.

Are the Silicones Used in Surgery Felt After the Operation?

When silicone prostheses are used in ideal dimensions, they are not felt by external contact. However, a very severe and serious impact can be felt when taken.

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