The tip of the nose differs from person to person depending on characteristics such as age, race. The appearance problems in the nose can be quite important in terms of the images of individuals. Tip plasty is an operation performed to restore the cartilage section at the front of the nose to the desired image without touching the nasal bone of individuals as a result of the fact that the cartilage at the front of the nose is curved, wide or irregular, without any curvature or deformation of the nasal bone. Curvatures in the nose are measured with medical materials and applied to obtain a successful result.

Asymmetrical nose tips are made much more aesthetic and the demands of both men and women in this direction are met. With tipplasty surgery, the tip of the nose is reshaped, its size is reduced, and it is proportional to the face.Today, with the development of technology, a small surgical operation is sufficient for nose tip surgery. Thanks to tipplasty, you can easily change the unwanted image on your nose in a short time.Closed technique is generally used in tip plastic operations. Shape problems in the nose are interfered through the nostrils. Thus, no seam marks are formed. Tipplasty surgery is performed on cartilage and soft tissue, so there is no need to break the nasal bones. The aesthetic operation takes an average of 30-45 minutes. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. Pain is not felt after surgery with medications that are injected into the nose while the procedure is being performed. The recovery period of the patient at the end of the operation is quite short.

With tipplasty, formal problems such as a low nasal tip, wide-tipped nose, asymmetry in the nostrils, narrowing of the nose wings and excessively pointed nose tip are eliminated. If another problem is detected in the bone and cartilage structure of the patient’s nose, tipplasty surgery is planned considering these problems. In the ideal nose structure, the angle between the lip and the tip of the nose is between 90 and 100 degrees. The lowness present in the patient is brought to the most suitable angle to the facial structure by the procedures to be performed on the cartilage structure. Before the examination, the patient is photographed on a 3D imaging system. Accompanied by a doctor, a natural nose is designed that is proportional to the patient’s face. In this way, the patient has an idea of what his/her nose will look like after tipplasty surgery.In aesthetic surgeries, the patient’s physical characteristics, age, expectations, anatomical structure and existing health problems should be evaluated thoroughly and the most appropriate method should be chosen. Operations should be planned completely patient specific. Nasal development is completed earlier in women than in men.

However, as with other rhinoplasty surgeries, the patient must be over the age of 18. In addition, gender-related differences should also be considered when performing a tipplasty operation. Surgical operation for men differs from women. The skin at the tip of the nose is thicker in men than in women. The angle of the tip of the nose, its proportion to the face and its size is different.

To achieve the best results, preference should be given to surgeons who know all the procedures and have performed the operation many times. Milano Clinic will be the right and reliable option in this regard because it has expertise in many aesthetic operations. You can access frequently preferred procedures in aesthetic surgery, including face, nose, breast and body aesthetics, by contacting Milano Clinic.Tipplasty is a relatively easy surgery with a shorter recovery period, compared to other nose surgeries. In rhinoplasty operations, the nasal bone is intervened, while bone fracture is not performed in tipplasty. Since only the cartilage and soft tissue in the nose are intervened in tipplasty surgeries, the probability of swelling and bruising is very low.

Therefore, tip plasty is an operation where the healing process is easy and there is less risk of bruising and bleeding after it. Since the nose area is intervened from the inside, there are no scars or stains left. The patient can return to his daily routine in a short time. It is recommended that patients use a nasal spray to clean and moisturize the nose after tipplasty. It is normal for a small amount of edema to form in the nose after the operation. Swellings will disappear quickly in 2 days with a cold compress to be applied to reduce edema and speed up the healing process. Patients should avoid activities in which they may receive blows to the nose. During the first month, the pool and the sea should not be enteredCompared to rhinoplasty surgery, tipplasty operation is easier, faster and recovery time is quicker.During rhinoplasty surgery, operations on the bones and cartilage in the bridge area of the nose cause more swelling, bleeding, and bruises. For this reason, the pain felt and the recovery period takes longer than the tippasty operation. An open technique is used in rhinoplasty operations, so it allows you to change the tip of the nose in detail.

After that, the possibility of the patient will need a revision procedure is decreased. But since tipplasty is applied only to a certain area of your nose, it is a less costly and lighter operation. Tipplasty is an ideal procedure for those who want to make minor improvements without strongly changing their nose or face shape. If you have more serious conditions such as bumps, curvature, or breathing problems in your nose, you should get more detailed information about tipplasty and rhinoplasty from specialist surgeons according to your needs. You can find out which aesthetic operation your nose needs and the procedures by contacting Milano Clinic.You can read our previous article from the following link https://www.milanoklinik.com/en/aesthetic-operations-most-preferred-celebrities/

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