Golden ratio is a very special and specific number that is roughly 1.618. Now, you may be wondering why we used specific and roughly in the same sentence. That is because the golden ratio is an irrational number. It is the irrational number that we can find in the nature itself. In this article, we will elaborate on what golden ratio is, who has a golden ratio face and how you can achieve that ideal look. 

As we mentioned in the introduction, it is a very important study in areas such as mathematics, geometry, and even design, as it is needed for sequential growth, that is why the number 1.618 (used as 1.62 in some cases) is very important. Ever looked at a sunflower and noticed how the middle part spiral with seeds is very pleasing to look at? That is because it is tied to the golden ratio. In fact, it is one of the classic examples of golden ratio in nature.

Let us demonstrate how we can find the golden ratio in a small example. Let’s say we have line that is 200 centimeters long. Now, we have to divide it in a very specific way that upon dividing, the quotient of the longer part by the shorter part should be equivalent to the quotient of the whole line by the longer part.

Sounds confusing, right? Actually, not at all! In this case, with the 200-centimeter-long line that we have, we have to divide it by 123.6 to 76.4 ratio. That way, when we divide 123.6 by 76.4, it equals to 1.618. And when we divide 200 by 123.6, it also equals to 1.618. 

Throughout history, beauty has been a topic of discussion. What we find beautiful, who we find beautiful has been a question with many answers. From the dawn of civilizations to today’s world, we pride in the beautiful things we have, like paintings, sculptures, sceneries, or our own beauty. But would you be surprised when we say there is a way to calculate the beauty in things? Oddly enough, we can find the answer in mathematics. Yes, you read that right, the answer lies in numbers. In the early ages of humanity, namely the Ancient Greek civilization, mathematicians such as Euclid have spent years studying this very subject. And from then on, over centuries and centuries, great minds have spent their life’s work on this.

This is what today we call the Golden Ratio, or in some cases, Phi. Though mathematicians were intrigued in this because of geometrics, it slowly became more than that. Now, especially in cosmetics, we treat it as the ideal, and chase after a golden ratio face. Estheticians all around the world are swarmed with patients who desire to have a golden ratio face. But what exactly is the golden ratio, and why is this mathematical term so important in beauty and cosmetics? As we mentioned above, golden ratio in nature means something is pleasing to the eye. That is why for many people it also applies into beauty as well, especially on our faces. The growth aspect is what makes it so pleasing to look at. This is where we use the 1.618 ratio on our faces. We use this number to calculate the length and the distance of our facial features, and yes, we need to have 1.618 as the result. For instance, the length between our hairline should be 1.618 times the length of very top of our eyebrows to the lower eyelids. If these ratios are met, then it is what we call an actual flawless face.

Even though there is no real golden ratio face as we know, there are some celebrities who do come close to having it. According to research done by Dr. Julian De Silva, Bella Hadid has a face that is very close to a golden ratio face by 94.35% match! But, of course, like the other celebrities in that list, we can say that she was not born with those features. Let’s go over some of the plastic surgeries of Bella Hadid like we did our Kylie Jenner’s Plastic Surgeries article to show you how you can achieve ideal facial features as well. 

One of the earliest changes we can track in Bella Hadid’s appearance is her nose. In her early teenage years, a bridge on her nose could be spotted. Around 2014, we could see that, probably as a result of Rhinoplasty, that bridge was long gone.

Later around 2016, we can see that her face lost its’ roundness, and her cheekbones became very prominent. Though this could be interpreted as a “glow up” in some cases, it could also be the result of Face Lift Surgery and Facial Fat Transfer. But the real deal was when her eyebrows became the talk of the town. With the tails arched up, her Eyebrow Uplifting became the standard “model look” that year.

And lastly, in 2021, her perfectly V shaped jawline made the headlines. Some contributed that to a possible weight loss, as Yolanda Hadid is notorious for the strict diet of the Hadid sisters, but many estheticians don’t believe in such theory, and think it could be a result of a Neck Lifting or Face Lift Surgery. So, this is how Bella Hadid has the golden ratio face as we know it, or how she is very close to having a golden ratio face. 

As Proclus has said: “Wherever there is number, there is beauty.” Even in beauty there is a very thin line to look like an ideal beauty. In Milano Clinic, we believe that it is the right of every single one of our patients to look like that ideal beauty, and our estheticians work tremendously to help them achieve this dream. For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us. 

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