There is never an exact measure of an aesthetic appearance. As humans, when we find something beautiful or aesthetic, it’s because what we’re looking at has a unique harmony in itself. This may be the harmony of the notes in a piece of music, the harmony of colors and measures in a work of art, or the harmony of measures in a human face.

For this reason, in patients who want to have facial aesthetics recently, the criteria to be taken is no longer only certain parts of the face. It is the structural proportions of the face as a whole. Each of us are special with our different eye, skin colors and the characteristic structure of our face. For this reason, an aesthetic operation designed according to the golden ratio of our face, instead of memorized nose structures or eyebrow shapes, is the best approach to both preserve our natural and original beauty and get the best results.This is exactly the main idea of ​​Profiloplasty.  Profiloplasty does not address only the nose,lips or cheeks of the patient who wishes to under go an aesthetic operation. It considers the patient’s face as a whole. Not only that; it also takes into account the angles and ratios of all units that have an effect on the appearance. In this way, a golden-ratio unique to your face is achieved.

According to the needs of the patient, the units to be considered before a profiloplasty operation are: Forehead, Eyebrows, Nose, Cheeks , Lips Jaw, Neck, Ears

In addition, the double and triple evaluations of these units among themselves are of critical importance. Here are the angles to consider: forehead-nose angle, Nose-lip angle, Nose-chin angle, Jaw-to-chin ratio, Ear-nose size ratio, Forehead-nose-chin ratios, are some measurement criterias.Profiloplasty is a combined surgical procedure. After the proportional analysis of your face is made by our specialist doctors, it is determined which operations you need to achieve the aesthetic appearance and golden ratio of your face. While you may need only a correction of the nose-chin ratio, this scenario may include the ratio of your eyebrows or ears… After this analysis, your doctor will determine which procedures should be applied within the scope of your surgery.

We said that the content of the profiloplasty procedure is decided according to the facial structure and characteristics of the patient. So, now let’s consider most used operations:

Rhinoplasty is done to reshape the nose area. Nose augmentation, nose reduction, nose tip shaping, removal of the bony structure of the nose are some of the procedures performed within the scope of rhinoplasty. In a rhinoplasty to be performed within the scope of profiloplasty, it is very important to first compare the patient’s nose with other facial features. If necessary, your doctor may recommend cheekbone filling or chin aesthetics in addition to your rhinoplasty.

Most of the time, we do not realize how much our chin can actually contribute to the overall aesthetic appearance of our face. In fact, we often interpret the disproportion of our chin to the facial structure as a defect in the shape of our nose or neck, and we want to have an aesthetic operation related to them. But the situation is actually the opposite of what we think. Recognizing, evaluating and solving aesthetic problems related to the chin with appropriate approaches has very important positive effects on facial appearance.

For this reason, when you apply to our specialists in Milano Klinik, we first consider the structural symetry and balance between the parts that make up your facial skeleton. Accordingly, special drawings are made for you and unnecessary operations are prevented. Surgical treatment of jaw/ chin deformities is carried out in the form of implant applications or advancement or regression of the bone structure forming the jaw tip with various methods.

As time passes, our body’s cell renewal begins to slow down and therefore our tissue deterioration begins to become more evident. When the tissues begin to deteriorate in the forehead region, the eyebrows are also affected by this situation and the condition known as eyebrow drooping occurs.

Luckily, there is a solution for that. The most commonly used techniques in eyebrow uplifting are the thread lift ( non-surgical) and eyebrow lift surgery. Thanks to this techniques, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, it is possible to achieve a natural look in the eyebrows and to give a younger expression to the facial features. However, if there are other facial problems, eyebrow lifting alone cannot be a sufficient procedure.

And this is where the prophylasty operation comes into play. If the patient also has problems related to her forehead or her nose, a combination surgery like profiloplasty is needed. Thanks to this process, you will achieve the most perfect results, and since the structure of your face is considered as a whole, you will have a natural beauty without spoiling the originality of your face.

The sagging of the facial skin due to the age factor may create images that are not aesthetically pleasing. However, with facelift surgery, you can easily achieve the look you want. Recently, face lift aesthetics, which is frequently preferred, is used to correct the aging effects that occur in the neck and face area. The aging process begins as a result of the skin losing its elasticity with aging and genetic conditions. Face lift surgery can be applied to reduce these effects and delay aging.However, if the patient also has problems related to her other facial structures, again, a combination surgery like profiloplasty may be needed.

Cheeks have an important mission in facial expression. The cheek structure is very important in order to obtain an ideal appearance from different angles and for the facial features to appear in harmony. Therefore, it is very important to handle the cheeks in an operation to be performed within the scope of profiloplasty. Depending on the needs of the patient’s face, it may be necessary to remove excess fat from the cheeks or to fill the cheekbones. A profiloplasty surgery performed by considering these criteria can guarantee a flawless appearance to the patients.

Many patients complain of facial disproportion after a rhinoplasty or cheek filler surgery. Most of the time, the reason for this disproportion is the chin structure or the disproportion of the size of the lips. Not being able to achieve the desired result after a surgical process creates a great disappointment.

However, the probability of occurrence of such negativities is minimized in surgeries performed within the scope of profiloplasty. Since your doctor will consider the structure of your face as a whole before your surgery, if necessary, he willsuggest a change in the volume of your lips. In this way, you will have achieved a perfect result.

Above, we have mentioned some of the most frequentlyconsidered and used operations in a prophylactic surgery. During an appointment with a doctor you trust, you can find out what procedures your unique and beautiful face needs. Whatever the scenario may be, the examinations and correct diagnoses to be made after an interview with a doctor you trust is maybe the most important part of this process.

As Milano Klinik family, we prioritize your health. We do not perform any aesthetic operations that are not suitable for your health. And in accordance with our principle, we identify the treatment methods that will provide the most benefit to our patients and apply them with great care and meticulousness. Milano Klinik is at your side with its experienced and reliable family so that you can have your desired results in the most healthy and perfect way.

Today, many people think that a simple rhinoplasty operation will be enough to have an aesthetic face and will solve all their problems. However, when the dream result is not achieved after the operation, this excitement is replaced by regret. Because if the patient’s problem is not only his nose, or if the ratio of the nose is not compatible with the ratio of the face, the scenario can result in the patient’s unhappiness and dissatisfaction very easily.

However, you will not have regrets in an operation to be performed within the scope of profiloplasty. Because your doctor will have handled all the units on your face and their relationship as a whole and will have clearly stated what is necessary for the most accurate result.

Another negative aspect of today’s aesthetic operations is the uniformity of the results. The nose / forehead / or eyebrow structures, which are determined as the beauty standard, should not be performed on everyone as if they came out of factory production. Because what makes us beautiful and creates an aesthetic appearance is actually the interventions to be made without disturbing the proportions of the original structure of our face.

You will no longer have to fear that your natural and original beauty will be lost, as a unique golden ratio is obtained as a result of a prophylactic surgery to be performed with the principle of being suitable for your unique face.

Milano Klinik has made it a principle to follow the latest technological developments and to offer you the latest and most reliable treatment methods and opportunities.You can read our previous article https://www.milanoklinik.com/en/what-is-septoplasty/ from this link.

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