Women’s sexual health is often considered as a taboo topic, which leads to many women feeling foreign in their own skin sometimes. As a result, many women often worry about slightest changes in their bodies. The darkening of the vaginal area is one of those cases. But why does the vaginal area darken in the first place? Well, the answer may vary.

In cases like this, especially if women’s sexual health is a taboo around you, the “reasons” and the “cures” you hear from other people may lead you down the wrong path for understanding your body and taking certain actions for what you want to do with it. This is why this article aims at helping you understand why darkening of the vaginal area happens and give tips and inform you about the vaginal bleaching treatment. Vaginal bleaching is the name of the process in which through different means, your skin goes back to lighter or natural tones. The full effects usually can be seen around 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment of your choice but depending on what you choose to do, this may take longer or shorter as well.

While the research on this topic is very limited at the moment, it is safe to say that darkening of the vaginal area has no negative effects on your health. But it should not go without saying that this issue causes women to feel bad about their bodies, which may cause one to have self-esteem issues, anxiety, and in worst cases, even depression. So, what can you do about this issue? Enter vaginal bleaching!

Your body changes over the time greatly. It could be skin loosening, breast sagging, or freckles and/or moles appearing on places you haven’t seen them on before. All of these are, in many cases, completely normal. Yes, it is very understandable to worry over those changes, and it is a very safe precaution to consult a professional about these changes. But what you should avoid in cases like this is taking any actions or jumping into conclusions by the word of the mouth. Because, like we said, many of those changes happen normally over the time.

Darkening of the vaginal area is no exception. This situation can be simply explained as the darkening of the skin tissue over the time. As mentioned above, the reason for this may vary greatly. Pregnancy, for example, may cause many changes in your private area aside from the darkening issue, which makes vaginal aesthetic surgery very popular with women after the childbirth.

Hormonal disorders, and estrogen hormone also lie on the natural causes category whereas the usage of birth control pills, hair removal methods (i.e., waxing, laser hair removal, shaving), and even the clothes that make direct contact with your private areas lie on the outside factors category. It is, unfortunately, the misinformation that makes many women find this situation alerting when, in reality, it is commonly seen in millions of women all around the globe. But what can you do about this?One can think of many ways of vaginal bleaching. If you heard about darkening of the vaginal area from a friend, a colleague, or a relative; then there’s a high possibility that they told you about some “remedies” for this issue as well. Yes, vaginal bleaching is something you can do yourself as well. And, no, please do not use actual bleach on any part of your body.

Vaginal bleaching treatment has a few, very popular methods. Those methods are DIY techniques, cremes and ointments, and the laser treatment. DIY techniques usually rely on nutrients, such as aloe vera, eggs, and yogurt. Cremes and ointments are safer options if you want to do your vaginal bleaching by yourself. While many different cosmetic brands offer many products for this, we advise you to get one from pharmacies to be even safer with this option.

Laser treatment, on the other hand is an aesthetic procedure done by professionals. The procedure aims at transforming the skin into its’ ideal look by using laser to remove the darkened skin tissue. Many patients usually get their desired results after one, 30-minute appointment, and a second appointment is rarely needed.Well… yes, and no. 

The answer may vary according to what you choose to do. You see, DIY techniques, especially the hearsay ones, may cause great complications on your skin. It is always a plus to make the necessary research before taking a step. Consulting professionals about this issue, however, oppose no threats and is definitely the safer option. This is why many estheticians either recommend you get yourself an approved ointment (considering you told them you want to do this by yourself) or direct you to an esthetician who provides a vaginal bleaching treatment.

Also, it should not go without mentioning that lightening with laser may be a painful experience for some women, so we recommend you speak to your esthetician about this. If your pain endurance is low, local anesthesia is always an option with this procedure.

Vaginal bleaching is one of the popular vaginal aesthetics among women who seek to feel better in their bodies. In Milano Clinic, our team of professional estheticians know how amazing your body is, and we want to help you see it as well. Beauty is never tainted; it’s just hidden away sometimes. For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us.

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