Although the beauty industry changes rapidly and the standards are shifting along with the narrative, one feature that has been favored for a long time is a sharp jawline. While it is hard to pinpoint when this feature began to look very attractive in public’s eye, we can however say that for the near past, in the 1900s as the world wars helped the shaved, bare faced look to be the norm outside of army and white-collar jobs.

As beards were shed, the sharp jawlines came under the light. And the rising popularity of cinema helped popularize the look. In this article, we will explore why we find jawlines so pleasing, what we can label as a good jawline, and how you can achieve such look. Many people consider a chiseled, sharp line from under the ear to the chin to be a good jawline. And while that may be correct in some cases, it is not entirely the right answer. Like many other aesthetics, a good jawline depends on your face shape. What estheticians generally want to go for is a defined, strong jaw that will outline the face.

For women, one of the best examples of this look lies on the features of Angelina Jolie. And with one, close inspection, it is very easy to see why. When we look at the starlet’s jawline, we can see that it is very sharp; it draws a very apparent line between the neck and the head, almost like a border of some sort. Like mentioned, while the ideal look varies on your overall face and head shape, the general aim is to tick all of these boxes. In this section, we will talk about two ways you can define your jawline. One is nonsurgical options you can take, and the other one is the surgical ones. Like any other change in your body, you can achieve an ideal look by exercise and the right nutrition. But it should be noted that the surgical options will guarantee faster and more direct results. 

Nonsurgical Options 

Like many other ideal looks, a defined jawline can be achieved in numerous ways. One of them is, you guessed it, exercising. Chin and/or jaw exercises, unlike other types of exercises, are rather very easy. The best part? You can do them pretty much anytime and anywhere. These exercised tend to focus on the movement of the chin, the cheeks, lips, and the jaw. You can do them while working, cooking, watching a movie, and even while doing other exercises. If you are not able to do so, then chewing gum can always help!

While you’re chewing a gum, the constant movement of your chin also works as a workout of some sorts. Unflavored chewing gums are especially recommended for this, as they can be used for longer periods of time. Another thing you can do is to massage your upper neck, right below your jawline. While this area does actually move constantly as we speak, eat, yawn etc., stretching the skin with massage techniques can be helpful as well.

And last, but not least, water! We cannot emphasize how important water is to your body and overall health. When we’re caught up in the hectic tempo of our daily lives, we may forget to drink water. So, if you want to encourage yourself to drink more water, you can set up reminders. Don’t forget, while this is a very helpful step to achieve your dream look, it is also a vital step to lead a healthy life. 

Surgical Options 

The growing beauty and esthetics industry promises many people their dream look and getting an operation for a good-looking jawline is now a very common procedure. There are a couple different operations you can choose from actually. In this section, we will discuss three of them. The first one is Neck Lifting

One of the reasons people don’t necessarily have a defined jawline is the loose and/or sagging skin on their necks. Neck Lifting operation focuses on getting rid of the loose and unnecessary skin in your neck area. The operation typically lasts 2 to 3 hours, and the recovery period is around three months. 

The other option you can take is the Face Lift Surgery. Face Lift is similar to Neck Lifting in the sense that they both focus on getting rid of the loose skin. In Face Lift, the main goal is to strengthen the tissues. This operation takes about 2-3 hours as well, and the recovery period is about two months. 

The last surgical option you can look into is Bichectomy. Many people tend to overlook Bichectomy when they are considering the aesthetic surgeries to get a defined jawline when in reality, Bichectomy offers so much more than just a good jawline. In this surgery, the focus is the removal of the surplus fat on your cheeks. This will not grant you your desired jawline, but it will also make you look considerably younger as well. 

Milano Clinic provides all of the surgeries listed in here. Our team of expert estheticians have worked hard to help many people achieve their dream looks. And they will be happy to help you with this as well. For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us. 

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