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Bichectomy in Turkey

Bichectomy is a type of aesthetic that is often referred to by Hollywood stars. Cheeks have an important mission in the expression of the percentage formed while smiling. Bichectomy in Turkey will provide you with the removal of the excess fat on cheeks.

Bichectomy Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 2 Hours
Operation Area Face
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 1 Day
Start Time Post/Op 1
First Shower 2 Days Later
Recovery Time 3-4 Weeks
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio The Day After
Suture Mark No Suture
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type Meltable
Oedema Status Less
Hospitalize 1 Night
Open/Close Technic Close

What is Bichectomy?

Bichectomy, commonly known as cheek thinning surgery, is a process of processing excess fat on the cheeks. The cheek structure is very important to obtain an ideal appearance from different angles and to make the facial contours appear in harmony. With cheek oil surgery, it is possible to achieve a perfect appearance in the cheek area.

Bichectomy should not be interpreted as a facial aesthetic surgery alone. The aim here is to remove excess fats on the cheeks. Yes, it is possible to have a more attractive face as a result of this operation, but other surgeries may be required if there are other defects. Bichectomy surgery can add a younger appearance to the person between 5-10 years. However, it would be wrong to interpret it as a facial aesthetic. The human face consists of many elements such as eyelids, eyebrows, nose, and forehead. The fact that all these details are flawless will enable bichectomy to yield more successful results.

Cost of Bichectomy

The price of a bichectomy operation does not include costs as high as one thinks. This operation, which is widespread, is now available to everyone. To learn more about bichectomy prices contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bichectomy

Should I Get Bichectomy?

The most frequently asked question about the surgery is whether to follow it. This question is comprehended because the cheeks constitute almost half of the face area.

Everybody wants to have attractive cheek like Hollywood stars. Nowadays, with the spread of the internet of Hollywood stars, their cheeks are now known to everyone. The flawless smile of famous actors and actresses is due to Bichectomy. Although people have learned about this operation, they have related concerns. This is a fairly understandable condition that the cheek oil removal operation is more aesthetically associated with film stars.

Who Can Have Bichectomy?

Anyone who does not present a general health condition may have a cheek thinning procedure. If you are not satisfied with the look on your face because of your cheeks, if you think your cheeks are too swollen, even though you have tried diet and sports and lost weight on your cheeks but without thinning, you can also take a cheek oil removal surgery.

In the last few years, there has been a large increase in the number of people who have applied to Bitchectomy. Especially as a result of pastry and carbohydrate nutrition, many people in our society have rounded facial features. Physical activity may not be sufficient for the melting of excess fats in the face area over time. In this case, Bitchectomy surgery is applied to collect the accumulated fat on the cheeks. If you have similar complaints, you can apply for a Bichectomy.

Is Bichectomy Risky?

The operation has no risk factors other than the standard surgical risks. Cheek thinning is a frequently used and practical procedure.

How Long will the Surgery be Completed?

Bichectomy is completed in as little as 60 minutes.

Can I Feel Pain During the Surgery?

No, the patient does not feel pain during the surgery because it is applied under anesthesia.

How is Bichectomy Performed?

In this operation, the excess fat is removed from the burnt interior. The incisions are about 1 cm in size. The operation is performed in about 1 hour.

As the process is done through the cheek, there is no trace. The experience of the surgeon who will perform the surgery is the most important aspect.

The right side oil intake was performed for the ideal cheek appearance. Otherwise, it won't look as wanted. Therefore, you must make sure that you have an experienced surgeon before your decision.

Will There be Any Traces?

There is no need for worry because the incisions are opened through the cheek in a bichectomy operation. In this way, there is no trace of the outside.

Can I Talk After Surgery?

You can talk or breathe. There are no such obstacles to surgery.

Which Foods Should I Consume After Surgery?

Since the wounds are in the mouth, solid and hot foods that may cause damage to the mouth should be avoided for a while. More liquid food consumption is recommended.

Can I Get Back to Work?

After a day's rest, you can return to work immediately. This operation does not constitute an obstacle for your working life.

What is the Success Rate in Bichectomy?

The success rate of the operation is in the same proportion as the surgeon's experience.