The coronavirus, which has been in our lives for almost 2 years, has affected the whole world, killing 4.25 million people. In addition, it has had a very negative impact on many sectors. One of these sectors was health tourism, the name of which we have heard many times in Turkey over the past few years. For this reason, patients abroad often searched for health tourism in Turkey and coronavirus. This is because the coronavirus epidemic naturally affects patients who travel internationally and undergo aesthetic treatment. One of the most important reasons for the virus spreading around the world is of course international travelers. Although necessary precautions are taken at airports and border gates for entry and exit, the COVID-19 virus has spread to all continents except Antarctica.Turkey has taken its place in the category of successful countries in the epidemic by working with other countries during the coronavirus process. During this process, some countries turned out to be unexpectedly unsuccessful and some countries set an example to the world in a spirit of unity and solidarity. In addition, Turkey did not only fight for itself but also came to the aid of other countries. You can see Turkey’s success in the fight against the coronavirus via the link.


Since the coronavirus is effective worldwide, it naturally affects health tourism as well as all areas of tourism. Patients who came to Turkey from abroad had to change their plans by postponing their treatment in cases when the virus rate was too high.  Hence, they are forced to change their travel and treatment plans. It is for this reason that patients lookout for health tourism in Turkey and coronavirus, then make their trips this way. However, with the discovery of the Covid-19 vaccine and the high vaccination rate in Turkey, cases have decreased significantly. Although coronavirus is a global epidemic, patients are promptly implementing their plans after taking the necessary precautions.We, like the Milano Clinic, continue to treat our patients from abroad in the smoothest possible way during this process. We take our patients from abroad to surgery after they have undergone the necessary tests before the surgery. We are taking all necessary measures not to spread the virus by acting with the utmost care and attention in this regard. Our plastic surgeons are also very meticulous in investigating the disease and delaying procedures at the first signs of the disease. If you would like to finish your aesthetic operation healthily, contact us!

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