Most people are dissatisfied with their appearance. People are considering going to plastic surgery to feel better about this subject.

Of course, everyone thinks about the effects of plastic surgery on mental health in their mind when considering surgery. Because, no matter how simple the procedure is, the surgery has its risks.

For this reason, people wonder if surgery can improve their mental health. Surgery and recovery time after surgery vary according to the operation and should not be underestimated. In this article, we talked about the effect of plastic surgery on mental health.

People have had bad experiences because botox and the chemicals used to make fillers are now accessible to people other than surgeons. This situation caused many people to be afraid of plastic surgery and not being able to achieve the desired result. These bad events such as wrong lip fillings and incorrect botox procedures made people think the negative effects of plastic surgery on mental health.

Our recommendation is that beauty centers are not preferred for these procedures. You can make an appointment with our experienced doctors at Milano Klinik. You can communicate with our doctors and decide what operation is appropriate for you in common.

In addition, potential plastic surgery patients do not care about the emotional aspects of surgery. However, it is significant to search the effects of plastic surgery on mental health. Because surgery is not always the right way for people with mental health or self-confidence problems before. Doctors’ recommendation is to start plastic surgery after a mental health treatment first.When someone doesn’t like a certain part of their body, they can sometimes become obsessed with it. And this often negatively affects one’s self-esteem. To solve this problem, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is plastic surgery.

Because people think that the effects of plastic surgery on mental health will be good, this is the first thing that comes to people’s minds. In many situations this is true. However, this varies from person to person and what the mental health problem is.

In a study published by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, it was revealed that the effects of plastic surgery were not positive in some people. While most of the people in the study said that their mental health improved after plastic surgery, some people said that they were not happy even if they got the results they wanted from the surgery.

For this reason, we must say that the effects of plastic surgery on mental health will be different for everyone.

In particular, people who have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of their surgery, who have had unsatisfactory plastic surgeries before, and who have a history of certain mental disorders, including body dysmorphic disorder, are not happy with the outcome of the surgery, even if they want it. And the effects of plastic surgery on mental health resulted negatively for these people.

Many people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder try to change their insecure physical features by constantly having plastic surgery operations.

In a study conducted in Norway, a group of female students was surveyed periodically over several years. And as a result of this survey, it has been determined that women with psychological problems are more likely to prefer plastic surgery.

In addition, in this research, it has been revealed that the effects of plastic surgery on mental health will be negative for people with diseases such as anxiety and depression.One of the most important reasons why patients come to the clinic for plastic surgery is that low self-esteem affects people’s lives negatively.

The parts of their bodies that they are uncomfortable with lower their self-confidence. This may not be something that is considered a defect or noticed by others, but if you think that there is something in your body or face that undermines your self-confidence and confidence, it may be possible to solve it with plastic surgery.

We know that many rhinoplasty patients are very uncomfortable with the appearance of their noses. Most of these patients return to their lives much happier and more confident 15 days after the operation.

This is a good example of the positive effects of plastic surgery on mental health.In some cases, a person’s discomfort with a part of their body they don’t like becomes depression.

The inability to love and accept themself is one of the commonly reported causes of depression. Solving this situation is one of the positive effects of plastic surgery on mental health.Many studies on the Effects of plastic surgery on mental health have proven that people feel much better when they find themselves attractive. Therefore, if a person feels better about himself and finds himself more attractive after having plastic surgery, he will be a happier day by day.

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