Over the years, the demand for plastic surgery has been rising and it will only go up from here. And we cannot blame anyone, for it is now more accessible and more affordable for millions of people than it has ever been. But it is still necessary to do some planning beforehand. It is important to not miss any details: where will you get the plastic surgery, who will be performing the surgery, how much will the surgery cost? Those are some of the most important questions one may ask themselves when considering getting plastic surgery. But have you ever thought about when? You may think “as soon as possible”. But believe us when we say there is a very specific answer to that, and it is winter. Winter is the best season for plastic surgery. In this article we will tell you why it is the best season for plastic surgery and list the advantages on getting plastic surgery during winter.While you can get plastic surgery practically any time of the year, you should aim for scheduling your appointment anywhere between October and March. Why is this specific time period recommended, you might ask? What makes this period the best season for plastic surgery is the low chances of sunny weather. After surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplant, Facial Fat Transfer, etc. that done in face and head areas, especially, exposure to sunlight may slow down the process of healing and even damage the skin permanently. Issues such as swelling after the surgery, which are normally expected side effects, can turn into much bigger problems such as inflammation. Moreover, as the sun exposure changes the pigment of your skin, scars and blemishes should also be expected as a result of too much sun. Not only that, but if your scar tissue is damaged with this, this might mean that the scars of the surgery can be visible even after many years since your surgery. That is why winter is the best season for plastic surgery, as it minimizes the chances of being exposed to sunlight. For good measure, though, make sure you cover the area of operation well to eliminate any chances of direct exposure to sunlight. Which brings us to our next point.

Another reason why winter is the best season for plastic surgery is the added bonus of the Holiday seasons. Typically, with summertime, you will be wearing more revealing clothes to prevent overheating and opt to various swimwear from bikinis to swimsuits to enjoy your vacation. In the wintertime however, you will have to wear clothes that cover as many areas of skin as possible to prevent them from being exposed to cold weather. This means that it will be way easier for you to hide any effects following your plastic surgery; from swelling to bruising. Also, during winter, with the number of holidays and special occasions, you will have lots of time off your work without requesting an annual leave. This leaves you with so much time to get your surgery done and recover afterwards. Plus, it’s going to be a “new year, new me” for you. All the more reasons to say winter is the best season for plastic surgery.

One last thing worth mentioning is that if you are to get your plastic surgery done during the winter, you will most likely be ready for the summer vacations by May, at most! So, if you want to get that summer body by getting surgeries like Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Facelift, or Brazilian Butt Lift, you should book your appointments for winter months.Speaking of surgeries, let us go over some of the surgeries you should opt to get in the best season for plastic surgery. As we mentioned, sun exposure is a big factor you should keep in mind when you’re recovering from a surgery. if your surgery involves laser usage you should definitely book your appointment during winter. As it is the case with any other operation using laser, surgical or non-surgical, sun exposure on skin after laser surgeries may cause blemishes and inflammation.

Also, as we mentioned above, breast surgeries such as Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Breast Implants could be done during winter. These surgeries won’t be affected by the sunlight as much as any surgery with a laser, but the recovery time will be completed, and your breasts will reach a very natural look by the time you’re bikini ready.

Lastly, winter is the best season for plastic surgery if you want to change the appearance of your face. This is especially advantageous during the winter because while you can hide the marks and effects of any other surgeries during any other time of the year, your facial area will be much easier to cover during cold weather. This means that by using scarves or hats, you can easily hide away the marks of surgeries such as Nose Lifting Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Hair Transplant, or Eyebrow Lifting.

While winter is the best month for plastic surgery, it is still important to find the right answers for the other questions we mentioned in the very beginning of this article. Lucky for you, Milano Clinic is the answer to all of these questions! Our clinic in Şişli, Istanbul is where the magic happens, and our team of expert estheticians and accomplished staff members who do it. If you have any more questions, then we’ll be more than happy to answer them! For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us.

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