Deciding on getting plastic surgery can be hard. Whether it is for aesthetic or medical reasons, it will result in a change in your body after all. It should also be kept in mind that even though plastic surgeries are cosmetic surgeries, they are still medical procedures. So, preparing for plastic surgery should be treated as such. In this article, we will go over the steps one should take before having plastic surgery as well as what they should do after it for a fast and healthy recovery.

So, you decided to get plastic surgery. That is awesome! This decision takes courage and commitment. Though it is important to know what you exactly want for your body, it is also very important that you know how to take care of it during this whole process. For many people, surgeries strike some worry about complications afterward. Though, this can easily be prevented by two things: choosing the right aesthetician and knowing the right way of preparing for plastic surgery. If you believe you chose the right person to perform the surgery, then look no further for what to do before and after the plastic surgery operation!


One of, if not the most important thing for a smooth operation is actually communicated. Sounds simple, right? Because it is. Letting your aesthetician know all the details is very important. You should especially let them know about the diseases you have, the medicines you take, and/or treatments you receive. This will not only help them understand their patient better, but also allow them to choose the best technique to use in your operation.


Your diet is one of the key factors in both preparing your body and your recovery. Although, it should be noted that certain food can be necessary for certain surgeries. If you don’t know which direction you should take for this, you can always ask your aesthetician directly or ask your clinic to direct you to a nutrition expert. Your diet should always include lots and lots of water. Not only is it a vital step in preparing for plastic surgery, but it will also increase your quality of life as well. Stay hydrated!

Cut on Smoking

There are many reasons to quit smoking. This is one of them, and it is very crucial as well. While smoking is generally bad for your health, did you know that it can also cause complications with your lungs during the surgery? Not only that, but it also causes nausea and even fatigue after the surgery. As a result, it will cause a difficult recovery. So, even if you think you cannot quit it entirely or just don’t want to, it is still of utmost importance that you start to cut back on smoking weeks before your surgery takes place.

While Preparing for a Plastic Surgery, Don’t Forget Your Surroundings!

Many aestheticians think that the first 24 hours after the surgery is very important. That is why it is common to be hospitalized after plastic surgery. But the full recovery takes up to several weeks, if not months. Perhaps that is why it is very important when preparing for plastic surgery. Once you learn what you should do in the recovery stage, arrange your home to best fit for this process beforehand. Make sure you have the right surface to rest on and prepare some food in advance. The first couple of days you may need it. Not only because you should rest after the surgery, but just as we discussed under Nutrition, you may need specific food for specific operations. So, you might want to prepare them before the surgery takes place.

Pack Your Bags

As mentioned above, there is a high chance that you might be staying overnight at the clinic. Many operations require a hospitalization period of one to two nights. Don’t forget to bring your essential personal items such as your wallet, mobile phone, sleepwear, underwear, and the medicines you need. Also, make sure you pack clothes you can easily put on and take off when you get discharged.

Communication, Once Again!

As mentioned above, communication is a key factor in preparing for plastic surgery. After the surgery takes place, make sure you inform your aesthetician on how you are feeling. Don’t leave them in the dark about anything. Even if you think it is a small thing, make sure to let them know what you are experiencing. You went under the knife, after all, it is only normal for your body to react to the changes, but don’t forget to let the professionals know about those reactions!


Yes, you need to rest well after your surgery, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move at all. Even if it is a stroll inside your house, even a couple of steps, you need to move to minimize any side effects of your medicines. Slowly and with time, you can extend the movement of your body from circles around the house to certain exercise moves. But be cautious! Making the wrong move when your body is not ready for it may cause some complications. Going back to the importance of communication, always ask your aesthetician about what you can do physically.

Don’t Miss Your Checkups

Last but not least, checkups! Your clinic will make a follow-up appointment after your surgery. These checkups will help your aesthetician track your recovery process and guide you through it. Also, if you have any stitches from your surgery, they will be removed in these appointments. Make sure to not miss them!

Following all the right steps before and after plastic surgery will pave the way for the best results. Even though plastic surgery is a difficult process, at Milano Clinic, our experienced and expert aestheticians will help you achieve your dream look. For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us.

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