With the change in the understanding of beauty in recent years, the buttocks aesthetic has experienced a sudden upswing. We can say that the first wick of this rise was the 2000s when Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians stood out with their big hips and body curves. It was first used in South American countries, then it became increasingly popular all over the world.

Thanks to the new trend, curvy lines, and a larger bottom have become a criterion for beauty. Because of this, the Brazilian butt lifts (BBL) and butt implantation methods are now used to make a larger and more proportional hip image. However, Brazilian butt lifts and butt implants are two separate aesthetic surgeries and involve different methods. Let’s now look at the difference between Brazilian butt lift and butt implant.

To see the difference between Brazilian butt lift and butt implant let’s look at both surgeries in detail.Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is preferred by patients who want an even appearance and younger, fuller hips. This treatment uses the patient’s own fat and is the most natural type of treatment. Due to its natural appearance, it is among the most preferred butt aesthetics. Brazilian butt aesthetic is basically a proper combination of liposuction and fat injection.

In the first phase of Brazilian butt aesthetics, liposuction is used to remove fat from the hips, waist, abdomen, or other areas. Vaser liposuction is a method that works on the principle of minimal damage to adipose tissue and maximum respect, allowing the fat to be collected from the body without damaging it by sound waves and transferring it to the required areas. Because of this, the survival rate of fat given to the hips is very high. The patient decides from which parts of the body fat should be taken.

After deciding on the fat the extracted fat is cleaned and prepared for transfer.

As a final step, the plastic surgeon “injects the fat into the buttocks” in specific areas to give the buttocks the desired shape.

After the above-mentioned actions of the body sculpting, the excess fat is injected into the buttocks and the buttocks are enlarged or beautified. Since the process is done naturally, it does not look artificial and has a natural appearance. During the procedure, the upper part of the hips is filled, which is why the buttocks appear firmer. Liposuction creates harmony in the transition from waist to hips by making the waist clear while adding volume to the hips. This makes the body shape more beautiful and curved. All of the fat does not stay in the specified range, but some melt. Because of this, given this enamel fraction, many surgeons make a little more fat injections than they should.The first step in butt implants is placing the implants. The main difference between Brazilian butt lift and butt implant might be that butt implant operations are done by inserting solid silicone implants through incisions in the natural folds between the hip cheek and thigh to avoid visible scars during the buttock implantation. Since the oil is unlikely to be absorbed it offers a permanent solution. The implant is placed in the middle of the hip.

Buttocks implants are prostheses that give the buttocks more volume. These implants can have a round or oval shape. It doesn’t fill the outer part of the hip, buttock implants are the most accurate type of buttock aesthetic for women who don’t have enough fat in their bodies to benefit from.We have discussed the difference between Brazilian butt lift and butt implant It’s reassuring to most of us that healthier, more muscular bodies are now fashionable and attractive. Brazilian Butt Lifts ensure people feel comfortable with more realistic weights and muscular frames. However, for people that do not have enough fat in their body for a Brazilian butt lift, implants are the solution. If you decide on a buttock aesthetic, you and your doctor can decide on the most suitable type for you. You can make an appointment by contacting us.

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