With the development of technology, breast aesthetics has taken its place among the most popular aesthetic surgeries by women. At the same time, it is divided into different industries according to the needs of the individual. Breast aesthetics are preferred for a number of reasons. To see the most important reasons for breast aesthetics see our article “most important reasons for breast aesthetics”. In addition, there are different types of breast surgeries. So how many of the different types of breast surgery are available with such a high success and satisfaction rate?

Let us now examine the different types of breast surgery in detail:Breast augmentations are generally preferred by patients who feel that their breasts are too small or who want to correct their body shape. The fundamental cause of breast augmentation surgery is often the losses that arise from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Women who do not have the breasts they want can get their dream breasts through breast augmentation. Breast augmentation surgery takes about 2-3 hours, and the patient can start showering 3 days after the surgery and exercise after 2 to 3 months.A breast lift is done to remove deformities due to sagging breasts due to weight gain, aging, and childbirth. The type of breast lift is determined by the plastic surgeon and the patient. It is often combined with breast enlargement surgery or reduction surgery. However, if the patient is satisfied with the volume of her chest and only complains about its shape and stiffness, a breast lift will be sufficient on its own. T patient is discharged the day after the operation. The patient can return to normal life in a few days using the doctor’s recommended bra. It can be preferred by all women over the age of 18 who do not have a health disability.

Breast reduction is a type of surgery applied to women who are unsatisfied with the size and size of their breasts due to genetic and hormonal factors, excessive weight gain, and aging. During this operation, the person’s breasts are reduced in size while removing the desired amount of fatty tissue. Since it also causes great chest, back, and neck pain, surgery will solve these problems as well. The patient is discharged 1 day after the operation and sports can be started 1 month later.Nipple surgery is done for women who are disturbed by the deformation of the nipples. The extension coming out of the nipple is minimized by nipple reduction surgery. Approaches such as cutting the nipple can be accomplished in surgical treatment by establishing permanent support under the nipple. The procedure is completed in a short amount of time, and the patient is not in any pain during the procedure.Non-surgical breast augmentation, which is one of the most preferred methods in recent years, takes place thanks to the advancing development of health technology. Aquafilling is used for non-surgical breast enlargement. A filler called aquafilling is injected into the breast and women can achieve the full and large breasts they want without having to go to the operating table. The patient is not treated under general anesthesia during this procedure. Because of this, patients can pick up where they left off in their daily life.Men can also have breast size issues. This is solved by reducing the size of the breasts thanks to gynecomastia surgery. The patient is discharged 1 day after the operation.

There are many different types of breast surgery for various reasons. Whether you are disturbed with the appearance of your breast or have health issues related to your breasts you can find the best option for you in Milano Clinic. Operations can be done both alone or with other surgeries with the decision of the patient and the talented and experienced surgeons in Milano Clinic. You can contact us to learn more information.

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