Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of our lives. That is why experts are constantly warning us about the types of food we should eat on a daily basis. Just take one look into the nutritive values of a single vegetable or fruit, and you will see the reason why. But it is also important to know what you need to eat. In this article we will list some of the best recovery foods after plastic surgery.

Foods we eat have direct effects to our bodies. That is why it is very important to know what goes down to your stomach. It is also the reason why we eat specific foods for specific cases. For example, people who have iron deficiency should eat a lot of meat and seafood, and people who are lactose intolerant should not consume dairy products. Similarly, your body goes into recovery mode after a surgery, and needs all the nutrition it can get. Plastic surgeries are one of these cases.Typically, after any surgery, you will need a lot of protein for your body to begin producing more collagen to repair itself. As such, meat is one of the best recovery foods after plastic surgery as well.

Rich in protein, your healing process will significantly be faster and easier when you include red meat or white meat (poultry) in your diet. In addition to the collagen production, the amino acid in meats also produce tissue, which helps the tissue recovery.

If you follow a vegan or a vegetarian diet, you don’t need to be worried! You can still benefit from culture meat (also known as artificial meat or vegan meat). Culture meat made by soy and/or tofu are still very much helpful for tissue recovery. On top of that, meat is one of the easiest foods you can make! You can very easily include meat products into every single meal of the day.Some people like eggs. Some people don’t. But there is no denying that, aside from being one of the best recovery foods after plastic surgery, egg is one of the most important foods for your health as well.

Eggs are also very rich in protein and amino acid. Moreover, they also provide Vitamin A, Vitamin B, B12, calcium, iron and many more. If you follow a vegetarian diet, you can easily replace meat with lots and lots of eggs. Unfortunately for people who prefer to follow a vegan diet, this option does not have many alternatives.

Yes, vegan eggs do exist, but it is recommended that you know what type of vegan eggs you are about to eat. Unlike meat, you may not want to eat eggs in every meal, but you can still include it in many recipes! From your salad to your rice, adding eggs to your dishes will make you feel like you’re eating gourmet food while consuming one of the best recovery foods after plastic surgery.Yes, we know its on the “carbs” side of the food pyramid. But how can we deny that potatoes, in all its shapes and sizes, are one of the best foods in general? Though you may want to avoid carbs for a fit body, you still need carbs in a healthy amount for a healthy diet. This is where sweet potatoes come in!

Sweet potatoes are cholesterol-free, have a low amount of sodium, and they are a great source of fiber. They are also great sources for Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are essential for your tissue recovery. One great way you can consume sweet potatoes without being concerned about your body is making them into small snacks. You can make small snacks with them by cooking them in the oven to make some healthy, home-made fries or chips. See, potatoes are the answer to everything.When we said Vitamin A and Vitamin C are essential for your tissue recovery, we mean it. The citrus fruits need no introduction, they are the prime players for Vitamin C. After your operation, you also need to consume foods that are opulent in Vitamin C for the collagen in your body. The Vitamin C you intake starts the collagen synthesis, in which the collagens are cross-linked to each other, thus creating a stronger connection. That is why it’s usually advised that people who seek to have plastic surgeries should consume citrus fruits before and after the surgery takes place.

On the other hand, citrus fruits also are generally 80-90% water. So, they cannot be stored in your body. Not only does that fact make citrus fruits one of the best recovery foods after plastic surgery for tissue recovery, but it is also makes it a healthy beverage if you plan on keeping your dream body after the surgery.This may or may not come off as a surprise for some people. When we talk about whole grains nowadays, people usually tend to think about the first few days of their new diet, as it is often the go-to food group for breakfasts. Yes, those grain salads and fruity bawls are important parts of your new diet, but they serve so much more purpose than you might think! Because they are so rich in fiber (not to mention they are gluten-free), they make for the best natural band-aids in the most literal sense of word.

The fiber in whole grains help your body recover from cuts and wounds, so after the operation, you may want to make some grain salads. Think of it as one of the best recovery foods after plastic surgery, rather than part of a diet plan that you may or may not give up on.

Here in Milano Clinic, our expert aestheticians know that what to eat after any aesthetic surgery is very important. We know that our esteemed patients come to us for achieving their dream look, and it is our duty to help them with anything in this process as a whole, both before and after the surgery. For additional information regarding our services, prices and many more, please contact us.

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