The nose is one of our most important organs which has a great impact on our general health and psychology in terms of being responsible for our breathing. In addition to that, since it is positioned in the middle of our face, it also has an enormous power to shape the aesthetics of our face.

However, sometimes as a result of an accident or congenital reasons, some anomalies may occur. One of these anomalies is a nasal septum deviation. All of our bone and cartilage structures that form the midline of our nose and serve as a wall between our two nostrils are called the nasal septum. In cases where the nasal septum is incorrectly positioned and curved, the nasal septum deviation occurs and we may experience breathing problems as well as an unaesthetic appearance. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem!In cases where the nasal septum is in a curved position for various reasons and septum deviation is observed, the surgical operation in which bone and cartilage tissues are reorganized is called “Septoplasty” (septum deviation surgery).

Depending on the severity of the disease, a Septoplasty will usually take anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes. Depending on what you and your doctor determine is best for you, you’ll be put under local or general anesthesia.

To reach the septum, the surgeon typically creates an incision on one side of your nose. The mucous membrane, which is the septum’s protective coating, is then lifted up. The deviated septum is then pushed back into place. Any stumbling blocks, such as excess bone or cartilage, are eliminated. The mucosal membrane is repositioned as the final stage.

Who Can Have a Septoplasty Surgery?

As with any disease, it is important to first see a specialist and have the necessary tests done. Radiographic imaging methods and intranasal cameras are some of the methods for detecting a nasal septum deviation. So, how can you understand if you have a nasal septum deviation or not? Here are some common symptoms:

Are some of the signs that you may have a nasal septum deviation.

If you think you are experiencing these symptoms, you can consult a specialist.

If you do not suffer from these problems, but you still feel a significant curvature in the structure of your nose; this may be an indication that your nasal curvature may not be caused by the internal structure of the nose (a.k.a nasal septum deviation), but due to an external curvature of the bone. In such cases, a rhinoplasty surgery may be what you need. If you have both of these symptoms, or you just want to achieve an aesthetic appearance in addition to your current nasal septum deviation; your septoplasty operation can be performed in combination with the aesthetic operation called “rhinoplasty“.

Whatever the scenario maybe, the examinations and correct diagnoses to be made after an interview with a doctor you trust is maybe the most important part of this process.As Milano Clinic family, we prioritize your health. We do not perform any aesthetic operations that are not suitable for your health. And in accordance with our principle, we identify the treatment methods that will provide the most benefit to our patients and apply them with great care and meticulous. Milano Clinic is on your side with its experienced and reliable family so that you can have your desired resultsin the most healthy way.So, you have completed your examinations and decided to undergo septoplasty surgery. You may think that,after this point, there is nothing else you need to do but wait for the day of the surgery. But, you are actually wrong. Because, the only criterion to achieve a desired result is not just choosing a reliable doctor and have a successful operation. At least as much as these, it is also important how well you prepared for this operation and how you spent the recovery period after it. For this reason, we have compiled some important points that you should pay attention during the preparation and recovery period of a septoplasty operation:

  1. Stay away from blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen. If you are using such a drug, it is important that you tell your doctor about it and ask him for instructions.
  2. It is also critical that you inform your doctor about the regular medications that you are currently using.
  3. It is recommended to stay away from nicotine-containing tobacco products such as cigarettes, pipes and cigars. Because nicotine negatively affects healthy blood circulation and can negatively affect your recovery period afterwards. If you are a smoker, you should also tell your doctor and anesthesiologist. It may ultimately affect the outcome of a successful surgery.
  4. Stay away from alcohol.
  5. If pregnancy ıs possible, your septoplasty operation will need to be postponed.
  6. Make sure that you provide suitable conditions at home during your resting and recovery period, which may extend from 2-3 days up to 1 week if you have had a rhinoplasty operation as well. For example, your diet has an important impact on your recovery process. It is crucial to have nutritious meals in your recovery process. So, if you live alone, it may be a good idea to make meal-prepping since it is likely that you are going to be too tired to make yourself detailed healthy meals. In order to increase your healing quality, you can contact a loved one to spend this period with you if possible.

Although people can return to their normal lives within 2-3 days after the septoplasty operation, it may differ from person to person or the type of operation performed.

If necessary, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers for preventive purposes after the operation. Use them as directed by your doctor.

One of the most important issues to be considered after the operation is the protection of the nose from blows and traumas. A blow to be taken during bone healing process may adversely affect the success of the operation and deviation may occur again. Therefore, be sure to protect your nose.

The patient’s tampons are removed within 2-3 days after the septoplasty surgery, and if suture materials are used that do not disappear on their own, the stitches are removed at the end of a week.

Under normal conditions, swelling and bruising are not observed at the end of septoplasty operations which performed with closed technique. However, if the operation includes rhinoplasty, within few days after the operation, you may experiences welling and bruises under your eyes and around your nose. And the recovery period may differ. For more information about rhinoplasty surgery, you can read our article : https://www.milanoklinik.com/en/rhinoplasty-turkey/.

In addition to these points, avoid excessive exercise and tiring daily activities. Do not eat or drink any hot food such as tea, coffee or soup. Take care to keep your head above the heart level while lying down. Do not lean forward. Do not blow your nose and do not lift heavy objects as this is likely to put pressure on your nose. Avoid very hot and steamy baths. Stay short in the shower. And, finally avoid being in the sun and sunbathing.

If you observe problems such as excessive bleeding, clouding of consciousness, bad smell, inflammatory discharge, excessive pain after the operation, do not delay in contacting your doctor. In addition, you can always contact our team, regardless of the situation that makes you uncomfortable.

Milano Clinic has made it a principle to closely follow the latest technological developments and to offer you the latest and most reliable treatment methods and opportunities. It aims to provide the highest quality service in a wide range of branches, from breast, body and facial aesthetic operations to hair transplantation. You can contact us on WhatsApp line for your any questions such as price information, appointment request or health tourism.You can read our previous article https://www.milanoklinik.com/en/expected-trends-in-the-world-of-aesthetics-in-2022/ from following link.

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