Hymenoplasty important vaginal aesthetic practice is actually a process that requires professionalism. In this process, some information about the hymen must be obtained. First of all, the integrity of the hymen is lost by a foreign body, by hand or by the first sexual intercourse. Among the people, such cases are given the names of virginity

Local anesthesia is performed in the region where hymen surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Although it is an easy operation, there is no sign of any operation. In other words, it should be known that a comfortable operation will be performed on the hymen. Temporary and permanent treatment of this process is the most permanent hymen aesthetic is preferred.

Hymen Types

The hymen can be of different shapes. Although it is stated that there are more than 10 membrane types nowadays, it is known that there are different types of hymen such as round, split, multi-hole, opened and without holes. It is also an important detail that patients learn which kind of hymen is pre-operative.

Imperforate Hymen: The absence of holes in the middle part of the hymen shows that it is without holes. In the same case, because of the image he has taken this name. Generally, women have problems during menstrual periods. Because in these periods it is not possible to expel blood in a comfortable way.

Septate Hymen: This model originating from the split of the hole in the middle part of the hymen is one of the rare hymen types.

Normal Hymen: The fact that the hymen is open or closed is related to the pain that women will experience in their first sexual intercourse. In this context, it is possible to correct the hymen that has a negative effect on daily life.

Microperforate: Also known as round ring, this hymen is flexible according to other species. It can easily tear. It should not be forgotten that it can be renewed by surgical interventions.

Before the Hymenoplasty

The guest who decides on hymen surgery should first discuss with the surgeon. Because the only cause of bleeding in sexual intercourse may not be the hymen. However, hemorrhages and different conditions may cause bleeding. Therefore, examination is performed before surgery and whether the hymen is damaged. The hymen is already flexible and does not bleed after sexual intercourse. That is, the hymen is flexible, but it can be understood that the hymen is broken while giving birth.

During the examination, some tests may be requested from the patient. Information should also be obtained on why this operation is requested. The gynecologist will also inform the patient about the operation after deciding on this process.

How to plan a Hymenoplasty?

The flap method is used in this procedure, also known as long-lasting hymen. The vagina is complemented by suturing the tissue removed from the lower wall to the vagina side wall. In this way, the vaginal access will be narrowed and blood will be reabsorbed by re-rupturing the hymen during sexual intercourse. In fact, thanks to the aesthetics of hygienic planting, a very successful operation is performed. Generally, the flap operation, which lasted for 20 to 25 minutes and completed with regional anesthesia, is not a painful procedure.

Patients do not suffer pain during surgery. Patients can return to their daily life after the procedure. Due to mild pain, the surgeon is able to prescribe pain relief.

The most important feature of the permanent hymen planting process is that there is no time limitation. So, with this surgery, you will have a bleeding in your first relationship as you are going through a completely permanent process. It is not possible for the person to whom you are involved, including yourself, to obtain any information or estimate that you have undergone this operation.

How to Plan the Temporary Hymenoplasty?

It is made in a simpler way than permanent operation. The first week after the operation should be considered. In other words, there is no bleeding in the relations or first sexual intercourse that lasts for 1 week. Therefore, temporary hymenoplastyis a special procedure. We can say that it has been popularly  recently. Since there will not be any trace or factor to be operated, the other side does not have any information about this process.

After the Hymenoplasty

Some situations can wait for you after the operation. However, since the necessary interventions are done on time, no serious problems are encountered. In addition, necessary measures are taken against pain, nausea and bleeding. Only patients who may experience severe pain in the first week can eliminate these pains by taking painkillers. If bleeding and nausea are intensified, the specialist surgeon should be consulted quickly.

Risks of Hymenoplasty

The hymen has some risks. If you cannot worry about the patients, you should be aware of these risks. It cannot be said that a serious complication has developed according to the severity of bleeding, nausea and severe pain.

Bleeding is the most severe risk that can be seen. This risk is always present if there is a high tendency to bleed. It can occur within a few days after the surgery and you should be able to do your doctor against bleeding. Bleeding with or without bleeding may also irritate you. You can be exposed to severe pain that can wake you from sleep. However, it is necessary to take hymen planting and take the necessary measures, so the pain will be recorded soon.

After the Hymenoplasty

After the Hymenoplasty

The first 10 days after the procedure, there should be no water contact to the genital area. Entering the pool with water contact, which causes damage to the area, is naturally inconvenient. The area against infection risk should be kept clean. It is also important not to make strenuous sports and not to open the leg too much. Any contact to the vaginal area during hymenic procedure may result in loss of function of the operation.

After the surgery, the dressing service should be taken professionally. Because the dressing that must be done in a sterile environment is also  important measure against vaginal infection. Finally, it is important to use the drugs prescribed by the doctor regularly.

Frequently Asked Question about Hymenoplasty
Does the hymen damage with friction?

Generally, if the hymen in this condition does not deteriorate in the hymen of the hymen planting should definitely be done.

Is this surgery is painful?

General and local anesthesia using.

Is there a risk for health?

There is no risk of health. Rarely, infection and bleeding may occur.

How many times can I have the incision?

Many time will be do this surgery.

When time will be do this surgery?

If hymen be processed within 20 days after deformation there is no deterioration time after operation And dont damage  until a new relationship.

Is the hymen damaged before it comes into contact?

Yes, he can. When opening the vagina foreign bodies and excessive force of the hymen may be disrupted.

Is it bloody this surgery?

There is no bleeding except blood accumulated during the procedure and blood leaking from the tissue.

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