Aesthetic Operation Trends in 2021


With the development of technology, the possibilities of plastic surgery have become diverse and enriching. However, trends change frequently. So what are aesthetic trends in 2021?

In recent years, aesthetic trends have centered on facial treatments that emphasize the beauty of the skin, on the one hand, and fuller hip and breast augmentation operations on the other. Tiny noses, prominent cheekbones, and full lip fillers were minimized in 2021, and natural surgeries came to the fore. The Covid-19 pandemic was a key factor in this. Standing in front of the camera all the time and being at home looking at mirrors for a long time made us concerned with our faces. Having said that let’s take a look at the new beauty trends of 2021.


Many people today are demanding aesthetic applications to change the appearance of the parts of the body that they are not satisfied with. The expansion of the technology and treatment options in the field of health has made people aware of non-surgical treatments. As an aesthetic trend in 2021 People who are afraid of going under the knife or have a phobia of the operating table often prefer non-surgical aesthetic treatment alternatives. It also enables recovery in a very short time. Non-surgical aesthetics is a method without cuts and stitches that provides quick solutions to the patient’s problems. These non-surgical methods can be used on sensitive areas like the face, nose and lips for beautiful and healthy results. In non-surgical aesthetics, natural materials from the human body are used as fillers.


Liposuction is attracting attention as one of the most preferred surgeries both in Turkey and around the World. It has not left its place at the top of aesthetic surgeries this year and is once again at the forefront of aesthetic trends in 2021. Liposuction is the most common operation that we at Milano Klinik perform on our patients. Due to the successful applications of our doctors, the demand for our clinic in liposuction is increasing. Liposuction is one of the aesthetic treatments that give the best results in regional weight loss. However, the purpose of liposuction is to remove localized fat. Patients undergoing liposuction must first lose their weight. Then the excess fat in your body is removed and a regional thinning is provided.

Aesthetic Operation Trends in 2021Aesthetic Operation Trends in 2021


With the effects of the pandemic, Brazilian Butt Lift took its place at the forefront of aesthetic trends in 2021. The constant work from home, decline in walks, and the long-term gym closures that began during the pandemic process made people prefer this operation. In addition, through surgery, it is preferable to remove the fat from the areas with excess fat since everyone wants to balance a nice bottom with a fit body.

Aesthetic Operation Trends in 2021


The understanding of beauty has changed over the years consequently it gives direction to aesthetic operations. Thanks to the popularity of big breasts and fuller hips that began in the 2000s, breast augmentation hasn’t left its place in cosmetic surgery to another aesthetic trend in 2021. The satisfaction rate is also very high with this operation, which is carried out over a long period of time and with optional dimensions.

Aesthetic Trends 2021 und Milano Klinik

Milano Clinic presents patients with all the 2021 trends in cosmetic surgery. Our services are not limited to this. For detailed information about our services, you can contact us with Whatsapp or other methods!

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