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Painless Hair Transplant

Hair loss is among the problems that can significantly affect the appearance. The appearance due to hair loss can even affect the self-confidence of the person. For this reason, many people benefit from hair transplantation. However, an important question in mind about this process is whether hair transplantation is a painful procedure. Fortunately, painless hair transplantation is possible thanks to anesthesia during the operation and painkillers afterwards. You can find detailed information on this subject in this article.

Hair Loss Causes

Painless hair transplantation is a procedure that many people with hair loss want to have. Because hair loss is a condition that can negatively affect a person's appearance. Various reasons can play a role in the formation of this problem. For example, the genetic characteristics of the person may cause hair loss over time. In addition, hair loss may occur due to hormonal disorders, various diseases, medications and sometimes physical trauma.

Is Painless Hair Transplant Possible?

Hair loss, regardless of the cause, can be a problem that causes bad aesthetic results. For this reason, many people who complain about this problem aim to have a hair transplant. However, the worry that hair transplantation will be painful may cause you to hesitate. Fortunately, hair transplantation does not have to be a painful and painful process. Today, painless hair transplant operation is possible with the use of local anesthesia.

What is Painless Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is basically taking hair follicles from another part of the body and transplanting them to the desired area. These hair follicles taken are called “graft” and the area where they are taken is called “donor” region. It is possible to perform hair transplant operation using different techniques. Painless hair transplantation is the hair transplantation operation performed under local anesthesia without pain. Then, painkillers are used for the pain that occurs after the operation.

Which Methods Are Used for Painless Hair Transplantation?

Today, it is possible to use many different methods for hair transplantation operation. Each of these methods has different advantages and disadvantages. One of these methods can be selected and applied according to the requirements of the situation. Hair transplantation methods that can be used for painless hair transplantation are basically FUE, FUT and DHI techniques. The basic logic behind each of these methods is to take hair grafts from the donor area and place them in the desired area. Only in these methods there are some differences in the removal and transplantation of grafts.

How Is Painless Hair Transplant Performed?

First of all, necessary planning should be made according to the hair loss of the person before proceeding to hair transplantation. Then, local anesthesia is applied for the operation and the hair transplantation is performed painlessly. In the painless hair transplant operation, the required amount of hair grafts is first collected from the donor area. Then, these collected grafts are placed in the desired area and the hair transplantation process is completed. Since local anesthesia is used during the procedure, the operation is completed painlessly.

What Kind of Anesthesia Is Used in Painless Hair Transplantation?

Anesthesia is used for painless and painless medical operations such as hair transplantation. Therefore, we can say that anesthesia is one of the most important elements in the painless hair transplantation process. There are different types of anesthesia used depending on the operation performed. The preferred type of anesthesia in hair transplantation is local anesthesia. Thus, it is possible to transplant hair without pain. On the other hand, general anesthesia is not preferred in hair transplantation due to the risks it may pose.

Painless Hair Transplantation Process

A more aesthetic appearance can be created in the hair with painless hair transplantation, which is possible with the use of local anesthesia and painkillers. However, reaching the targeted image does not happen instantly and a certain amount of time must pass. A period of at least 12 to 18 months for the hair transplanted to the area to take its final form. In addition, a few weeks after the operation, hair loss is observed and this is a normal situation. Do not forget to get detailed information about the whole process from your specialist so that such situations do not surprise you.

After Painless Hair Transplantation

In addition to the pain that may occur during the hair transplant operation, another situation you are worried about may be post-operative pain. However, with painless hair transplantation, you do not have to worry about this. Because after the hair transplant operation, you can spend the healing process painlessly with the use of painkillers. Of course, you should not neglect to take the necessary care during this process for a successful hair transplant process.

Painless Hair Transplant Prices

In addition to the painless process of your hair transplant process, another important factor for you may be how much this procedure will cost. The prices of hair transplant procedures planned for the person may differ from person to person. You can easily get information about current painless hair transplant prices by contacting us.

Painless Hair Transplantation Center

If you want to benefit from painless hair transplantation service, you are at the right address. In Milan Clinic, we offer this service to you in an environment with suitable conditions with our specialist physicians. If you are complaining about hair loss and want to have hair transplant painlessly, you can contact us.