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Réduction mamelon Turquie

Ici, à Milano Klinik à Istanbul, nous effectuons une chirurgie de la réduction du mamelon avec des chirurgiens expérimentés. L'effondrement du mamelon peut entraîner des problèmes esthétiques chez les femmes et causer de nombreux problèmes fonctionnels ainsi que des troubles psychologiques. Avec la reduction mamelon Turquie, qui fournit des résultats permanents en peu de temps, les problèmes psychologiques peuvent être évités.

Reduction Mamelon Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 2 Hours
Operation Area Breast
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 1 Day
Start Time Post/Op 1
First Shower 2 Days Later
Recovery Time 1-2 Months
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio 1 Month Later
Suture Mark Maybe
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type Meltable
Oedema Status Less
Hospitalize 1 Night
Open/Close Technic Close


Avec la chirurgie de la réduction  mamelon, la projection dépassant du mamelon est réduite. Comme l'un des problèmes des femmes, le mamelon effondré peut être congénital ou postérieur. Généralement, même à l'adolescence, les seins sont remarqués au cours du développement. Cette situation entraîne des problèmes esthétiques, fonctionnels et psychologiques. En raison de la difficulté de nettoyage du mamelon, il peut y avoir des problèmes d'allaitement ainsi que des problèmes d'infection.

L'effondrement du mamelon peut être résolu avec une opération de réduction du mamelon. Cette méthode de traitement peut être utilisée afin de prévenir les problèmes psychologiques et sexuels.


Les prix varient pour la chirurgie réduction mamelon en fonction des spécificités de chaque opération. Les exemples de variantes possibles vont de l'expérience des chirurgiens et des anesthésiques, des coûts hospitaliers, des techniques chirurgicales et des rendez-vous de post-cure et de suivi. Contactez-nous pour en savoir plus sur les prix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nipple Reduction

Cause of Nipple Lead Collapse

The woman who has nipple collapse first has to be sure that this is not seen as a disease. It is known that this condition can be seen in some patients as a result of infection and cancer. If the collapse is due to a disease first the treatment should be performed.

As is the case in all operations, it will be more accurate to stop smoking. If there is any medication that you use you should tell the doctor before the operation.

Determination of Nipple Lead Collapse

When the nipple lead collapse is due to genetic factors, it is noticed in the adolescence period by the breasts grow in general. In this case, women must be treated with experts in order to overcome the problems they are experiencing. After breastfeeding, breast enhancement, breast cancer, and excessive weight loss infection not the breast tissue is noticeable.

Such nipple sedimentation is of varying degrees. In addition to functional and mental problems in women, it becomes an aesthetic problem. Due to the collapsed nipple, both the milk flow is prevented and the baby does not hold the nipple. In this case, breastfeeding is not possible.

Levels of Nipple Lead Collapse

The nipple collapse is seen at three levels and the first of these is the slight collapse of the nipple collapse. It will be better with massage and pressure to the nipple. It is very easy for these people to have a nipple spontaneously. Therefore, they do not suffer from breastfeeding.

Moderate nipple collapse is said to occur with a slight force of the nipple tip. As a result of the pressure around the tip of the nipple is removed but no permanent results are obtained. Therefore, people often achieve a successful surgical operation.

Advanced collapse is when the nipple does not come out with almost any pressure or massage. Breastfeeding is not possible because these people have completely lost their function. And surgery is needed for this situation.

Treatment of The Nipple Lead Collapse

Surgically treated nipple collapse is one of the major problems for women. However, external treatment options can be applied according to these problems levels. In the treatment of nipple lead collapse, appropriate methods are used.

The use of special pumps to stimulate the nipple and the surrounding area may be particularly useful for mild to moderate nipples. However, if there is severe nipple collapse, the patient is treated surgically.

In surgical treatment, approaches such as cutting the nipple can be performed by placing permanent support under the nipple. At the same time, the methods used can be applied by protecting the milk duct. A woman who wants to have a baby is directed according to the desire to breastfeed.

However, it is possible to encounter problems of breast tip collapse again after the surgery where the milk duct is protected. In the operations where the milk duct is cut off, there is no risk of recurrence of the problem in general. These operations are generally completed within 1 hour.

Considerations of Nipple Reduction

If the nipple sedimentation suddenly develops rapidly, it should definitely be investigated. If there is a structural problem with the woman's birth, expert support should be taken to breastfeed her baby.

Breastfeeding can be performed by using appropriate methods. In order to make the process easier, the baby can absorb the brown area with the nipple. It is important for those who have a nipple collapse to keep this area clean. Regularly clean the nipple with soap and warm water. If hygiene decreases, the risk of infection increases.

Who Can Have Nipple Lead Collapse?

Nipple lead collapse can be in both men and women. An average of 10% of women are known to have experienced this problem, and attention needs to be given to controls.

How Nipple Reduction Operation is Performed?

The operation is performed within a very short time and the patient doesn't feel any pain during the operation. If the shortness of the milk duct is due to the nipple lead collapse, the area which is seen as a result of the curling of the milk ducts in a region, the first opening of the milk ducts is needed.

The milk duct has elongation and relaxation becomes possible as the nipple is in normal conditions. The operation is performed in the local anesthesia and the person does not feel any pain. If the patient has any pain, he/she needs to use some painkillers.

People should consult their doctor before using any medication. The side effects might negatively affect the person. It is possible to discharge the patient on the same day after the surgery. The patient should be careful to protect the chest area and avert trauma.

Risks of Nipple Reduction

There are some risks in nipple surgery as in every operation. After the patient has been examined by the doctor and decided to be eligible for surgery, these risks should be explained. The risks of nipple reduction surgery include temporary loss of sensation in the breast and damage to the milk ducts.

These risks are rarely seen in the operation. However, the patient should know this information. It will be more accurate if women who are planning to become pregnant, knew that the milk duct could be damaged directly.

However, people prefer this type of surgery before pregnancy for the ease of breastfeeding. This situation depends entirely on the patient's own preference.

The patient is aware of the risks that are rare, but there is no problem in the application of the surgery. The presence of numbness at the head of the breast is directly related to the metabolism and body structure of the person. This situation is seen very little and almost never affects the person's life. Due to the fact that it is temporary, there is no need for people to be anxious or to resort to treatment. Nipple numbness is very rare and may appear permanently in some cases.

After the Nipple Lead Collapse Surgery

In exactly half an hour, a number of elements must be fulfilled for the operation. Among the elements that should be considered for the postoperative period, which is an average week of recovery, the patient should avoid physical activities in the first month after the operation.

Especially the nipple should be kept hygienic. Since the traces that will be seen after the surgery will not be permanent, one should refrain from using any medicine or cream without consulting the doctor.

No sewing is performed due to the use of melting ropes in the stitches to be applied during the operation. However, the patient should be examined by the doctor after the first week. It is definitely determined whether there are any problems during the examination.

After the operation, the person can return to his daily life after one week. However, the person should be careful not to get hit on the nipple area. Patients are advised to use antibiotics regularly after the surgery. These drugs should not be neglected.

Nipple Reduction and Milk Ducts

The most important reason for these problems is the inability to develop a milk duct. If the milk duct opens to the tip of this part turns inward it makes it difficult for the baby to get the nipples and prevents milk flow. If the development period of the nipple collapse, it is a sign that these milk ducts are not formed.

Bonds are pulled back to the nipple. There are no milk ducts and milk can not come from the milk duct. This type of discomfort should be suspected when the nipple does not come out when compressed between the two fingers.

In these patients, the image can only be corrected by surgery. However, it is not possible for the patient to breastfeed their baby. When the surgical treatment of the thoracic cavity is performed it is possible to correct the nipples. This surgery is made under local anesthesia and it takes around 1 hour.

There are many surgical methods to correct this problem. In all methods, the treatment is performed, interrupting the ligation of the nipple, and providing temporary or permanent support under the nipple. In most of the techniques applied during surgery, the milk ducts must be cut in order to pull the nipple out. If the ducts are not cut, the nipple is re-collapsed. Therefore, breastfeeding is not possible due to the cutting of the milk duct.

Especially women who are planning to become pregnant may apply for nipple collapse surgery because of preventing problems in breastfeeding.