There have been many different types of plastic surgeries regarding the change of body parts. Since “plasty” means “molding, grafting, or creation of a particular portion, particularly a body part”, most of the plastic surgeries named “plasty” tend to be about changing the part of the body expressed before that word. Just like other variants of this type of plastic surgery, umbilicoplasty also refers to a plastic surgery procedure on changing the look of the belly button.

Umbilicoplasty, “umbilico” being short for “of umbilical cord” and “plasty” referring to the procedure done, is often known as a belly button treatment, and is a short surgical procedure to change the look of the umbilicus. The creation of an oval, innie belly button is the main aim of most umbilicoplasty surgeries. Umbilicoplasty can be useful for people who feel insecure about the look of their belly button and want to change its overall look of it.Umbilicoplasty is the type of procedure where incisions are made to make it possible. The incisions are made inside the belly button during umbilicoplasty, minimizing scarring. It is easier to remodel and rebuild the area because extra fat, tissue, and skin are eliminated. Additionally, any tissue that is protruding or has a minor hernia can be treated.

Umbilical hernias can occasionally be treated concurrently with other issues. Any incisions are closed once the belly button has been sculpted by what the patient and surgeon discussed and decided upon at the initial consultation. Usually, the outcome is a belly button that is “tucked in,” has an oval shape, and has a little hood covering the top of the region.Umbilicoplasty is not always done alone but mostly with other procedures where a change in the belly button is a must for the procedure to succeed. Most people who want to have an umbilicoplasty have other surgeries like tummy tucks or have their excess stomach skin tightened. They end up having the operation to remove their belly button at the same time. Plastic surgery can only do so much to correct what seems to be an uneven belly button.Just like with many other plastic surgery procedures, umbilicoplasty has many different side effects if the procedure is not done correctly. An umbilicoplasty procedure may cause scarring, asymmetry, bruising, soreness, discomfort, and protracted swelling as side effects. Some of these side effects are simply side effects of the healing process, such as swelling or soreness.

This means that some of the side effects can go away with time while some of these side effects cannot be gone without another plastic surgery procedure, such as asymmetry in the belly button. Due to the chance of these side effects occurring, it is important to find a trustworthy clinic like Milano Clinic with plastic surgeons who listen to their patients.It is important to find a reputable plastic surgeon with experience performing umbilicoplasty surgery before having the procedure from that plastic surgeon. It is recommended to make an appointment with two or three surgeons, if possible. This is important due to understanding the process, risks, and costs of the procedure as getting information from many different surgeons will give you an idea of those details.

Patients had to be informed about the risks of any possible complications that might happen during or after the umbilicoplasty surgery. If the plastic surgeon does not inform the patient of these details, the procedure can be disappointing for the patient or even dangerous for their livelihood. Due to this, it is crucial to find trustworthy and well-equipped plastic surgeons and clinics like Milano Clinic to get the procedure done.

There is no need to do anything physically to get ready for an umbilicoplasty treatment. To lower the chance of having difficulties, it is recommended to stop smoking at least a month before the surgery. Additionally, the plastic surgeon might suggest stopping using particular drugs or nutritional supplements in the days or weeks preceding the procedure.

These can be simple drugs and medications that are asked for patients to stop before medical procedures. These drugs and medications might deal with blood pressure and other blood flow or hormone-related medications as these drugs can cause complications to occur during the medical procedures.It is normal to expect some discomfort at and around the belly button, and it is recommended to not work out during the approximate amount of time for recovery, which is about 6 weeks. However, it is noted that it shouldn’t take the patient more than a few days to be able to go back to work or school. Your incisions will be stitched shut using skin glue, sometimes known as “liquid stitches” or normal stitches depending on the way the procedure is done.

For instance, patients who have a hernia will have invisible stitches under their skin that you cannot see or feel. For pain relief, pain killers will be prescribed which will make the healing procedure less painful. It is also important to ask if you can start to use your medications just like before and consider asking for more information on what else to pay attention to.Overall, umbilicoplasty is a type of procedure where the look and shape of the belly button are changed which can be done as a stand-alone procedure but also can be part of a procedure considering tummies like a tummy tuck or liposuction. Just like with any other plastic surgery procedure, it is important to have a clinic that you can trust such as Milano Clinic to have the procedure done as getting plastic surgery is not something that should be taken lightly. Finding a plastic surgeon who listens and pays attention to the needs and requests of their patients is a must for patients. You can check out the official website of Milano Clinic for more information about the procedure.You can reach our previous article from https://www.milanoklinik.com/en/caitlyn-jenner-plastic-surgery/

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