Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Today, many different methods can be used in the field of hair transplantation. Stem cell hair transplantation is a fairly new technique among these methods. In general, stem cell therapy is a treatment method used in many areas and for many health problems. It is possible to regrow hair in the area where hair loss is experienced by using the stem cell method in hair transplantation. In addition, with the help of this technique, it can be ensured that the already existing hair is thicker.

What is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation?

With the developments in the field of health, new treatment methods are emerging for many health problems. A treatment technique on which scientific studies are ongoing is the stem cell therapy method. In the field of hair transplantation, very successful results can be obtained by using the stem cell technique. This method is basically based on the reproduction of the person's own stem cells in the laboratory and transferring them to the bald area.

Why is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Applied?

Hair loss is a problem that many people feel uncomfortable with. Depending on this problem, the hair may become sparse or shed to a large extent. As a result, an unaesthetic appearance may appear. Various hair transplantation methods can be used to solve this situation. Stem cell hair transplantation is one of the relatively new hair transplantation methods. Basically, this process is applied to solve the non-aesthetic appearance caused by hair loss.

To Whom Is Stem Cell Hair Transplantation Performed?

Many people with hair loss problems are considering a hair transplant. However, your health condition must be suitable for hair transplantation. Stem cell hair transplantation, which is still being studied, may not be suitable for everyone. However, many people who are in good health and do not want to use other hair transplantation methods can benefit from this technique. This method can be used on the hair as well as in other areas such as beard, mustache and eyebrows.

How is Stem Cell Hair Transplant done?

Depending on which method is used in hair transplantation, different stages are applied. The first step in the stem cell hair transplant operation is to take the necessary stem cells from the person's body. In this procedure, a small skin sample is taken from an area where the hair follicles are located. Then, the stem cell taken is replicated in the laboratory environment. Then, these replicated cells are placed in the desired region.

Is Stem Cell Hair Transplant Effective?

Since it is a fairly new method, you may be wondering if the stem cell hair transplant technique is effective. Since this method is not widely used and studies are still ongoing, we cannot reach a definite conclusion on this issue. However, various scientific studies have shown that this technique can make hair thicker. In addition, this technique can be applied to areas with hair loss.

Difference of Stem Cell Hair Transplant from Other Hair Transplant Techniques

Popular hair transplant methods include FUE, FUT and DHI methods. In these methods, hair grafts are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the desired area. Stem cell hair transplantation is different from these methods in terms of basic logic. Unlike these methods, in stem cell hair transplantation, not hair grafts, but stem cells reproduced in the laboratory of the person are placed in the area.

Advantages of Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

Due to the method used, stem cell hair transplantation may offer some advantages over other hair transplantation methods. For example, other hair transplantation methods are basically for hair growth in the balding area. In stem cell hair transplantation, the existing hair can be thickened. In addition, the recovery period is shorter in hair transplantation applied with the stem cell method compared to traditional hair transplantation methods.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Process

As with all hair transplantation processes, it takes time to achieve the desired results in stem cell hair transplantation. After the hair transplantation with this method, changes can be observed in the hair in about 1 month. It takes at least 5-6 months for the full results to appear.

Before and After Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

For successful hair transplantation with stem cell hair transplantation method, the operation must be performed correctly. In addition, the things to be done before and after the operation should be applied completely. In this way, an efficient hair transplantation process can be performed.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Price

Stem cell hair transplantation, a method that is still being studied and developed, may be a method that interests you. In the hair transplantation process, the planning of the procedure is done individually and the prices are determined accordingly. Therefore, stem cell hair transplant prices may differ from person to person. By contacting us, you can get information about this technique and learn about our hair transplant prices.

Where is Stem Cell Hair Transplant done?

It is possible for people with hair loss problems to benefit from many different methods in the field of hair transplantation. These methods traditionally include methods such as FUE, FUT, and DHI. If your hair transplant proceduresIf you are looking for a clinic to perform the scar, you can have a hair transplant at the Milano Clinic. You can also contact us to learn about stem cell hair transplantation.