Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover is the name given to plastic surgery performed to restore the lost shape of the body after giving birth. Although the breast and abdomen procedures are separate operations, the breast, abdomen and waist area can be considered as a single aesthetic area. Aesthetic operations performed in only one of these regions reflect the imperfections of other regions more. In mommy makeover, the abdomen, waist, breasts, and hips can be corrected with combined surgical operations performed at one time. In the field of plastic surgery, the mommy makeover procedure, known as “torsoplasty” is performed to correct deformations in the body that occur after giving

During the mommy makeover, procedures are performed on the waist, breast, and abdomen at the same time. Breasts can be enlarged, reduced, or lifted. The abdomen, which is one of the most deformed areas during pregnancy, can be performed according to the need for endoscopic tummy tuck, liposuction (liposuction), mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck operations. Like liposhaping technique to shape the waist region, like the removal of fat in the back, like fat injection for the butt can be performed in different applications. All these are planned according to the needs of the

How is Mommy Makeover Performed ?

Every patient has different problems that need to be fixed. Breast augmentation, breast reduction, or all of these operations can be performed together in the breast region. A full tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, or liposuction can be performed in the abdominal area. The folds of the abdominal area are formed by the Liposhaping technique; liposuction can be performed on the waist, making the waist pit more prominent. If necessary, a fat injection procedure can be performed to fill the hip further.

Patients should quit smoking and blood-diluting drugs such as aspirin about three weeks before surgery. The advice of doctors as pain relief is remarkable and the use of medication should be made according to the doctors advice. Vitamin pills containing ingredients such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba, green tea, flaxseed, cherry SAP, products such as green tea and slimming products should not be used. It is also important to stay away from the diet that constipation will create. A  vegetable-based nutrition diet is a more accurate application.

Motherhood aesthetic (torsoplasty) operations are performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. The duration of the surgery may vary depending on the procedures performed in patients. Breast operations and a tummy tuck can take around 5 hours on average if performed together. Patients should not undergo surgery in an overweight manner. It is recommended to perform operations after losing a certain amount of weight.

Who is the Mommy Makeover For ?

The mommy makeover is usually applied to women giving birth. During childbirth and breastfeeding, the woman may experience laxity in the abdominal wall, sagging skin, fat in the lower back and abdomen, growth in the breasts and loss of form. These problems can also occur with the effect of excess weight gain and advancing age.

Is There any Pain in Mommy Mokeover Procedure ?

The operations performed in the mommy makeover are very uncomfortable pain is not seen. Owing to local and general anesthesia in surgical procedures, patients do not feel any pain during the operation. The effect of anesthetics applied in the operation can last for about 10-12 hours. For this reason, patients do not feel pain. The pain that is felt the next day is one of the most common conditions of the healing process, so it can be rested with painkillers within a few days. For this reason, there is no need for concern for mild pain that may occur.

What Should Be Considered After Mommy Mokeover ?

After the operation is finished, a drain is placed on the area where the operation is performed, and wear abdominal corsets to patients. 3-4 hours after surgery, patients can stand up. Depending on the type of operations, patients are discharged within a few days. Doctors remove the drains a few days after the operation. After 1 day, patients can start taking showers. Medical threads are used in operations. Since medical threads have the property of melting by themselves, there is no issue of removing stitches after tummy tuck operations. They should wear corsets and bras for about 3 weeks. The patients need to wait for up to 2 months to start for sports activities.

What Can't Mommy Makeover Procedure ?

Combined plastic surgeries are detailed plastic surgeries that put patients ' health at risk. Anyone who is not too old, who does not need to get pregnant again, who does not have diabetes and overweight can be performed mommy makeover surgery. Patients who are overweight need to lose weight first. After that, he/she can be appropriate for surgery. Overweight patients may have
problems such as blood pressure and heart surgery is not appropriate. In addition, patients who are
overweight may have trouble getting under anesthesia.

What Can Be Done To Protect the Result After Mommy Makeover ?

After mommy makeover procedure, patients should pay attention to their weight and be fed balanced. In order to reduce fat in the abdomen, it should be known that alcohol consumption should be reduced. It is necessary to use moisturizer and body rubs regularly not to re-crack the stretched skin. Regular exercise helps to maintain the stretched abdominal image obtained by surgery by strengthening the abdominal muscles again.

Mommy Makeover Price?

There are many elements that determine the prices of mommy makeover procedure. First, it is necessary to know that the prices of mommy makeover procedures will show changeability. Since various aesthetic procedures can be performed according to the demands of the patients in mommy makeover operations, prices may increase or decrease depending on this change. In addition, details such as doctors techniques, and materials to be used in the operation are among the other factors that affect the change in prices of mommy makeover. You can contact us on our numbers to get more detailed information about the prices of mommy makeover procedures; you can make an appointment or you can come to our clinic and have a meeting with our doctors.

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