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Labiaplasty in Turkey

Milano Clinic is the ideal location to address this issue caused by genetic factors, multiple births, and various diseases! Our qualified and successful plastic and cosmetic surgeons perform the Labiaplasty in Turkey.

Labiaplasty Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 2 Hours
Operation Area Genital
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 1 Day
Start Time  -
First Shower  -
Recovery Time  -
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio  -
Suture Mark No Suture
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type Meltable
Oedema Status  -
Hospitalize 1 Night
Open/Close Technic Close

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a vaginal surgery. It is accepted that the inner lips in the genital region are slightly overflowing compared to other lips. However, in some women, the overflowing of the inner lips might be too large due to different reasons. As a result of this condition, sagging occurs. Genetic factors, especially a large number of births, cause the inner lips to sag.

The inner lips' sagging also has a negative effect on sexual life. As a result, women can lose self-confidence and have problems such as the inability to stay naked. All of these problems lead to problems like the inability to wear tight clothes or swimsuits.

Cost of Labiaplasty

The cost of labiaplasty is determined by the procedure's nature and duration. It can also be used in conjunction with other procedures. Hymenoplasty is one of the procedures that can be combined with labiaplasty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty Situration Needed

Women who want to have a labiaplasty surgery often complain that the small lips are too large. In other words, the fact that the small lips in the vagina are largely due to genetic reasons. The small lips are also outside and often cause irritation of the area.

Large small lips, as well as sags on the lips, show that surgery is necessary. Age-related loss of tissue also causes the inner lips to sag. The color of the dangling labium fragment darkens over time. Vagina aesthetics is applied to the internal lips due, traumas and injuries.

Small lips in some women may be disproportionate. In other words, the size difference between lips starts to attract attention. With this condition, which invites infections, it is important to pay attention to the processes such as weight gain and delivery. Therefore, with Labiaplasty patients can have a nice shape and a pleated inner lip.

The size of the inner lips may not disturb anyone. This situation, which becomes an obsession in women who have a sensitive mood, brings difficulty wearing bikinis, swimwear, and tight pants.

Which Patient Needs Labiaplasty?

This procedure can be applied to any woman who has experienced growth, sagging, or relaxation of the inner lips. Of course, the biggest factor of these is multiple births. In addition, since the inner lips of the vagina are longer than the outer lips, it also causes sagging after a while.

This situation, which might occur due to genetic factors, causes serious complaints in women. For example, a woman who does not have a Labiaplasty operation may experience urinary incontinence after sneezing or severe coughing. Therefore, it should be remembered that vaginal aesthetics should be done without wasting more time.

What is the Best Time for the Labiaplasty Surgery?

You can apply for this aesthetic surgery at any time except women shouldn't apply to Labiaplasty when they are in their period.

Is there any age limit in Labiaplasty surgery?

Any woman older than 18 years of age can apply to Labiaplasty surgery.

Risks of Labiaplasty Surgery

There are big risks in all cosmetic operations. However, these risks are unlikely to occur. In general, the risks arising from the operation can be seen and taken under control in a short time. The appearance of the asymmetric inner lip may vary due to differences in the healing process. In addition, there may be a reduction in sexual pleasure. However, it should not be forgotten that all these possibilities will disappear after a while.

About Labiaplasty

This process is completed in as little as half an hour. However, if local anesthesia is used, the procedure can take up to 1 hour. Labiaplasty aesthetics needs to be done in a hospital environment. After the procedure patients must remain in the hospital until evening.

Since this operation is a surgical procedure, precautions must be taken against infections. However, in the case of the patient being in her menstruation period, bleeding may occur.

The sutures that are thrown after the procedure generally fall after 10 days. If surgical sutures are used, these ropes will melt in the body after a while. The important thing is to give enough care to clean after the toilet.

On the day of Labiaplasty, patients can take a shower. However, it is forbidden to spend the first 10 days in the bathtub. The vagina needs to be cleaned with running water, the water used for a long time can cause infections in this area.

Those who apply for this operation must know that they cannot enter the pool for 15 days. Because excessive of the vagina also increases the likelihood of infection. In this aesthetic procedure, along with bleeding clotting may also be a problem. Patients should consult a doctor if they encounter bleeding.

Is Labiaplasty Surgery Painful?

Generally, mild pain can occur after this operation. These pains can be controlled by painkillers.

How is Labiaplasty Surgery performed?

Easily performed Labiaplasty surgery is also an operation that can be completed in a short time. It is usually applied under local anesthesia and the patient is only anesthetized below the waist. Surgeons can also apply to general anesthesia according to the condition of the patients.

After reaching adequate numbness in the vagina the excess lining of the inner lips from the outer lips is removed. This excess tissue is removed with an incision. No shrinkage can be mentioned during the process.

Labioplasty surgery, which allows the inner lips in the vagina to look better, can be performed at different levels depending on the condition of the patient. In other words, the amount of parts taken from the inner lip of the tissue will vary according to the patient. The excess tissue is removed with an incision and a suture is applied to the region by melting yarns in the skin. At the end of this process, the operation is completed. The Labiaplasty lasts approximately in 30 minutes.

Recovery Process in Labiaplasty

Patients recover in a short time after the operation. They can usually be discharged 2 or 3 hours after the procedure. However, those at risk of infection can spend the night in the hospital. Due to anesthesia, it is generally appropriate to have the patient rest in his own home.

The healing process after the Labiaplasty operation is actually due to cleansing. The vagina area must be cleaned after the toilet. In addition, attention should be paid to sexual abstinence. In other words, sexual intercourse should not be resorted to and measures should be taken against bleeding and risk of infection.

The period specified by the surgeon must be changed daily. It is also important to use the pad for the first few days. All these processes will help the patient recover in a short time.

The inner lip tissue is in a structure with a lot of blood supply. Therefore, the healing process of the cuts is very fast. Of course, the tissue is slightly damp, and similar conditions are very effective in the healing process.

Is Labiaplasty Surgery Repeatable?

Yes, this process can be repeated if re-sagging occurs.

Are the Results of This Surgery Permanent?

With internal factors and birth, the inner lips are likely to sag again.

When Can I Start Doing Sports After My Surgery?

Sports activities can be started after 10 days.