How To Get Rid Of Edema After Plastic Surgery?

What is Edema?

Edema can be identified as the swelling of or excess fluid being trapped in your body’s tissues. Although it can affect any region of the body; hands, arms, feet, ankles, and legs are more likely to be affected. The symptoms of edema include swelling or puffiness of tissue, stretchy or shiny skin, and an increase in the abdominal size of the body part affected. The excess fluid in the tissues has a chance of causing an inflammatory reaction within the body’s tissue which can cause damage to the body part it affects and be pretty painful for the person especially if it is left untreated. Edema is especially common after medical procedures done on the body and these procedures include plastic surgeries as well.

How to Get Rid Of Edema After Plastic Surgery ?

Why Does Edema Happen After Plastic Surgery?

Edema occurs to protect the damaged or injured tissue of the body and just like other medical procedures, plastic surgery in a way makes an “injury” to the body. Also, during the surgery, fluid is released into the body by the doctors to prevent excessive bleeding and due to this, either this fluid stays in the body to decrease the pain and help with the pain but becomes edema or the body reacts to the procedure by releasing excessive fluid around the damaged tissue. Draining this fluid in the tissue is necessary to quicken the healing process and doing it with care and patience is also important for allowing your body to heal naturally.

How to Get Rid of Edema After Plastic Surgery?

Getting rid of edema after plastic surgery require patience and consistency as it can take days or one to two weeks depending on the procedure done. Depending on the plastic surgery, it can take three days or a week for edema to heal.Since it can be painful, people look for different and easy ways of getting rid of edema or dealing with the problems caused by it during the healing process. There are many ways of getting rid of edema after plastic surgery and many other medical procedures.

1.Follow Post-Operation Instructions

The first thing you can do to get rid of edema after plastic surgery is to follow the post-operation instructions given by your doctor to heal with ease. These instructions are given by clinics like Milano Klinik which highly care for their patient’s well-being and they are intended to the making the healing process easier and quicker for their patients. The post-operation instruction can include how can you clean up and keep the operated areasclean, information about the medication that you might need to take to quicken the healing process, or the limitations of exercises and movement in general.

The recommended instructions for getting rid of edema after plastic surgery are different fromthe type of edema that occurs due to illnesses or other types of situations. For instance, when edema is caused by something other than an injury, such as eating too much salt or staying in a position for a long time, it is recommended to exercise. However, in the case of plastic surgery, especially if the surgery is done on limbs or the body, moving excessively or exercising has a high chance of causing damage. Due to this, it is not recommended for patients to exercise at least until the operated area is visibly healed.

2.Eat Healthy and Drink Water

Eating healthy and keeping yourself hydrated are one of the most important things to do to get rid of edema after plastic surgery. Eating healthy and drinking water are already important to have a healthy body. However, they become crucial when your body is trying to heal from all the procedures done on it and the medications you take.

Due to this, do not eat anything that can increase the blood sugar and keep your meals full of fibers and proteins as it helps with healing, and do not forget to have enough water. Eating healthy is crucial for your body to heal quickly.

3.Cold Compress to The Body Part

Cold compress has always been used to treat soft tissue injuries and it can also be done to get rid of edema after plastic surgery. A cold compress to the operated area can ease the pain of the person who has undergone plastic surgery and can also decrease the swelling caused by edema.

Due to this, it is recommended to apply a cold compress to the operated area to speed up the healing process and ease any pain that edema might be causing to the person.

4.Avoid Heat

While the cold compress can reduce edema after plastic surgery, the heat can accentuate it and even make it get worse at times. Due to this, surgeons advise staying away from heat sources after plastic surgeries. During recovery and healing, it is recommended to avoid going outside, using heat lamps and taking hot showers.

This is also important because overheating can cause excessive bleeding in the body, as a result, may cause more edema or bruises to occur in or around the operated area and this has a chance of slowing down the healing process as well. Due to all, it is important and recommended to stay inside near the air conditioner and avoid overheating, especially in warmer seasons.

5.Keep The Body Part Elevated If You Can

This way of getting rid of edema after plastic surgery can be applied if the procedure is done to the face or any limb of the body. Keeping those parts elevated will make it easier for the lymph nodes to drain the excess fluid and ease the swelling and aching which might be caused by edema.

If the procedure is done on your face, make sure to not lay down fully flat even when sleeping to prevent edema. If the procedure is done on your limbs, keep the above your heart in order to make the edema go away but do not keep them like that for too long as this also can be damaging for the veins. Change your position every once in a while to allow your body to heal quicker and better.

Edema is the swelling of a body part by excessive fluid which can be caused by injuries, illnesses, or other things. Edema is a common occurrence after plastic surgeries and can be treated with small actions taken. In Milano Klinik, you will not only guarantee to get the results you wish but also the necessary assistance on how to get rid of edema after plastic surgery. After you get rid of edema after plastic surgery and your body is fully healed, you will see the results you have wished for and you will realize that it was worth it.

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