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Ear Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Ear deformity is a problem that affects people all over the world. It has no effect on the body's general functionality. Therefore, it cannot be said to be a disease but still, it can be aesthetically unappealing to people. Ear deformity can be treated with ear plastic surgery in Turkey.

Ear Plastic Surgery Card

Duration of Operation 3-4 Hours
Operation Area Ear
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 1 Day
Start Time Post/Op 1
First Shower 5 Days Later
Recovery Time 1 Week
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio The Day After
Suture Mark No Suture
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type  -
Oedema Status Less/Average
Hospitalize 1 Night
Open/Close Technic  -

What is Ear Plastic Surgery?

One of the most prevalent ear abnormalities is the visible ear problem, which is caused by cartilage loosening in the ear area or a lack of ear folds. As a result, the ears' flexible construction causes them to lean forward or to the side, resulting in unsettling images. In most people, it can be seen in both ears, but in certain cases, it can only be seen in one. Women may typically conceal this issue by letting their hair fall, but men find it difficult to conceal their ears. Men frequently seek ear plastic surgery as a result of this. Simple cosmetic treatments in modern medicine can swiftly and effectively address ear plastic surgery, which must be treated owing to the psychological issues it causes.

Cost of Ear Plastic Surgery

The operation price varies according to the operation and surgical technique. After performing your examination, the surgeon can make the decision. The surgeries performed by our professional specialists can help you get rid of significant ear disorders. You can schedule an appointment by visiting our clinic or calling us for detailed information about the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Plastic Surgery

What are the Causes of Bucket Ear Formation?

It is possible to mention many factors that cause bucket ear formation. The dipper ear is not a symptom of any discomfort or disease.

  1.  The weakness of the ear cartilage
  2.  Disorders from family
  3.  Estrogen hormone causes softening of the ear cartilage and the ear muscles to be pulled with the appearance of earbuds after the birth

When Should the Plastic Ear Surgery be Done?

The best treatment for babies with scoop ears is applying an elastic bandage to their ears under the supervision of a doctor for 2-3 months after birth. When an application is made in this way, it usually succeeds and no surgery is required.

If this is not done, the best treatment time is that the child undergoing an operation around the age of 6 years before starting school. Since ear development is around 4-5 years of age, there is no drawback in children being 6 years old.

Depending on personal circumstances and family preference, surgery may be performed in later years, but it will be much better to have surgery before starting school, as it may become a mockery among children in primary and secondary school years. Therefore, surgery can be performed at any age with the completion of 5 years of age.

Can Adults Have Ear Aesthetics?

It can easily be done in adults with earbuds. After the age of 5 years, the ear canal can be at any age.

Benefits of Ear Aesthetics

The ear aesthetic allows the ears to come to a normal posture and seriously change the personal appearance of the ears. Family and social relationships will change positively after ear aesthetics, as the self-confidence of the person will increase with the change of personal appearance.

Parents' Duty

If you notice that there is a deformation ear in your children, you should consult a doctor. If your child complains about this situation, it is useful to have the operation immediately.

You need to take them seriously and try to help them. However, if the child does not feel uncomfortable with his/her ears, do not force them to undergo surgery. Since the ear canal can be performed at any age, your child may decide to undergo surgery at any time when he/she grows up.

Is Ear Plastic Surgery a Difficult Operation?

Dip ear surgery is far from being a difficult and risky operation. Extremely simple and easily handled scoop ear aesthetics is an operation that can be recovered in a short time and does not affect your daily life.

How are Ear Aesthetics Performed?

Ear surgery is not an operation with very serious risks. Surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Taking into consideration the patient's age, the surgeon will decide on the anesthesia.

Bucket ear aesthetics can be done in clinics or hospitals. The suture ear canal can be done in front of or behind the ear, which does not require hospitalization and can be discharged immediately after the surgery.

The surgeon reshapes the ear cartilages and places the ear backward. The operation lasts from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the operation and patient. After the surgery, it is necessary to wear the ear band for 1-2 weeks. Since the incisions made to shape the cartilage during the operation will remain behind the ear, there will be no visible scar. Ear gum aesthetics is an operation that does not affect hearing. After the ear aesthetics, recovery will last for 1-2 weeks.

What to Do After surgery?

It is very important to keep the ear-worn bandage after the ear surgery, as it keeps the new shape of the auricle and prevents the opening of the stitches. To prevent the sutures from being opened, care should be taken not to shower with too much hot water and not to perform heavy exercises.