Dental Veneer (Dental Crown)

Dental Veneer (Dental Crown)

Teeth are important parts of the body in terms of both appearance and function. However, over time, teeth can be damaged or completely shed for various reasons. Therefore, many problems may arise, including chewing problems and aesthetic problems. Dental veneer methods such as dental crowns can be used for damaged teeth.   In addition to functionality, visuality is also very important in teeth. Fractures in the teeth due to various reasons can adversely affect the visual appearance. The dental crown method can be used to cover fractures or similar damages in one or more teeth. If you are wondering what this dental veneer method is, you can find detailed information on this page.  

What is Dental Veneer (Tooth Crown)?

Teeth can be damaged over time due to different reasons. For example, problems such as trauma or tooth decay may be due to these reasons. There are various treatment methods for a more aesthetic appearance and better functionality in the teeth. A dental crown, which is a dental veneer method, is among these treatment methods. Dental crowns, which can be used in the treatment of damaged teeth, can also be made for protection.   Teeth are very important parts of the body, but over time they can break or crack. Damage to the teeth over time can lead to deterioration of oral health. In addition, damaged teeth can cause an unaesthetic appearance in the mouth. A more natural appearance can be created with dental crowns made of various materials.

Types of Dental Veneers (Dental Crowns)

Tooth veneer can be applied to improve the functional and visual aspects of damaged teeth. There are many different types of dental crowns made from different materials. Dental crowns offer various advantages and disadvantages according to the materials from which they are produced. Depending on the needs and expectations of the patient, a choice can be made between dental coating materials. First of all, one type of dental crowns are metal dental crowns. One disadvantage of this type of crown, which is quite durable, is its appearance. There are also dental crowns in the form of a mixture of porcelain and metal. In addition, ceramic is one of the materials used in dental crowns. Another type of dental crown is the porcelain crown.

What is Porcelain Dental Veneer?

There are many different types of dental crowns available. Depending on the situation, tooth coating can be performed by making a choice between these types. The different advantages and disadvantages offered by dental crown types significantly affect this choice. Porcelain veneers are a very good and popular type of dental crown. Porcelain-metal combination can be used in dental crowns, or only porcelain tooth veneer is possible. While porcelain-metal mix crowns offer durability, using only porcelain provides a more natural and aesthetic appearance. In addition, the use of porcelain in dental crowns allows individuals with metal allergies to have dental veneers.

How Is Dental Veneer Made?

The process of covering teeth with a dental crown is divided into several stages. Of course, first of all, the necessary examinations should be made and the patient should be prepared for the operation. Local anesthesia is used for dental veneer operation. After applying local anesthesia, the tooth is shaped to place the crown. In this process, the modeling of the crown to be placed is also completed. After the dental crown is modeled and created, it is placed on the shaped tooth. If it is the desired shape and size, the dental crown can be permanently fixed to the area.

Why is dental veneer done?

It is important that the teeth are not damaged for oral health and aesthetic appearance. In addition to affecting oral function, damaged teeth can also create a bad appearance. Covering the teeth with dental crowns is done to give the damaged teeth a better appearance and function.   Along with the treatment of the damage that has already occurred, dental veneers can also be done to prevent possible damage. For example, a cracked tooth can be made more durable with the use of crowns.

How Long Does Dental Veneer Last?

If you want to have dental veneers for damage to your teeth, you may be wondering how long this operation takes. Different methods can be used to model and manufacture a dental crown, and these methods can change the application time. In general, the application of dental crowns is carried out in 2 to 3 sessions.   The life of a dental crown, on the other hand, can last about 10 to 15 years, depending on how it is used. Of course, another factor affecting the life of dental crowns is the material of manufacture. Dental Veneers Prices If the damage to your teeth bothers you, you may be planning to have a dental crown. For this, in addition to quality, tooth coating prices may also be important. These prices may vary depending on factors such as the material used and the amount of veneered teeth. You can reach the current price information for dental crown application by contacting us.  

Where Is Dental Veneer Made?

Although it is an application based on simple basics, dental crown operation should be performed by a specialist dentist. Therefore, if you are planning to have dental veneers, you need to find a good clinic for it. If you want to benefit from this treatment method, you are in the right place. In Milan Clinic, you can easily benefit from dental crown treatment under appropriate medical conditions.