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Butt Fat Injection in Turkey

Even though beauty varies, people have a general idea about butt beauty. When viewed from the side irregular buttocks can create a problem due to the lack of sufficient level. The distinctive hips are in a smooth, rounded appearance. According to the need, different methods are used to form the butt. With butt fat injection in Turkey, it is now so easy to have a rounded butt. Our experienced surgeons in Milano Clinic will help you have a beautifully shaped butt.

What is Butt Fat Injeciton?

With butt fat injection the fat tissue is taken from the patient. Fat tissue measurements are made to add fat to the butt. The procedure can be made under both local and general anesthesia. The operation includes taking advantage of the body curves. Therefore, the use of thin cannulas with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm is evident. It is possible that the cannulas are not allowed to go through the thin entry holes.

This surgery should be appropriate to the patient's butt structure. If the patient has an extra sagging in the body and has a skinny body this aesthetics is not appropriate. Persistence is found in 60% and 70% in this surgery. These fat tissues are integrated with the body or your fat. At the same time, it is not even possible to dissolve the fat tissues taken from the body in time. Thus, the patient probably has long-term preservation due to its fat.

The patient doesn’t have any trace after the surgery. There is also a repetition of injections on the fats. It is possible to renew the applications at certain intervals.

Cost of Butt Fat Injection

A butt fat injection cost will vary depending on many factors. These factors include; surgeons' fees, hospitals cost, anesthesia fee. There can be additional procedures according to the patient's wants and needs. These procedures will also affect the overall price of a butt fat injection.

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Frequently Asked Questions Butt Fat Injection

Who Can Have Butt Fat Injection?

The women want to see more butt when they wear trousers. When patients have serious weight loss or their natural butt shape is straight, they need surgery. Some patients have, a wide waist and hip area because of genetic reasons but the butt is very small when viewed from the side. If there is enough fat in the hips it is possible to form the butt with the fat from the hips. If the patient doesn't have enough fat, the shaping is done with silicone.

The butt fat injection can be done to many people. It is necessary to go to a surgeon that wants to make a fat injection and evaluate the situation with all the details. The process is carried out with suitable fat and tissue. The patient will be better after 6 months. The patient cannot sit until 10 days after the surgery.

Is This Method Applicable to Everyone?

This method can easily be applied to everyone. Prostheses are recommended for those who do not have their own fat tissue.

How is Butt Fat Injection Performed?

It takes 2 and 3 hours under general anesthesia to remove adipose tissues. Special cannulas and mediators should be used for this purpose. The fat tissues which should be taken without traumatization are made suitable for injection. Special plans are made for the butt area to continue the operations. Due to this planning, it is possible to shape the butt fat tissue in a layered form. Special attention is also given to the use of special cannulas in injection processes. Thanks to the fat tissues given as layers, it is easy to produce the desired crimp. Layered injection applications are used for the adherence of adipose tissues. The Butt Fat Injection process ends in a short time.

Is Butt Fat Injection a Permanent Operation?

Although it is a natural and more preferred method fat tissue is lost after approximately 1-1.5 years. However, if the fat is reserved the same process can be repeated. Recently, the techniques developed by the studies on fat injection and the possibility of permanent fat cells are increased. Butt fat injection surgery with oil injection is performed under general anesthesia and its duration is 1 to 1.5 hours. A special corset should be worn for 2 weeks after the surgery.

Will There be a Trace?

There is absolutely no trace and the operation is finished in a short time.

Does Butt Fat Injection Give Any Damage?

The butt fat injection is highly preferred in recent years. It certainly does not give any harm.

What is the Fat Limit in This Surgery?

Both women and men can reach the butt they want. Moreover, it is possible to obtain a healthier appearance as well as a pleasant appearance by taking fat in certain regions in folds. An average of 200 and 300 cc fat injections are present. In total, these values ​​can be between 500 and 700 cc for both sides. Tissues can be up to 70%. In case of repetitions, these rates may increase and more growth may occur. However, from the very beginning, this ratio increases and as a result, there are more body lines and fat tissue limits. Therefore, personalized butt aesthetics are performed. It is necessary to pay attention 10 days after the operation. Then, daily life can be continued.

Butt Remove with the Suture

Some doctors use this technique, but it is a temporary operation and patients need to know this.  Thw effect just lasts for 3 months, then the butt shape goes back to its former state. This effect doesn't remain long in movements such as sitting and lying.

Prosthesis or Fat Injection?

Where both butt halves are under the muscle fascia under the buttocks, a pocket is formed in both butt halves. Silicone prostheses are placed in this pocket. Silicone prostheses used for the butt are harder than breast silicone prostheses. For this reason, sitting and getting up in the postoperative period is hard.

There is also a risk of inflammation in surgical incisions. The patient should always pay attention to hygiene. At the same time, it should be tried to prevent infection. As with all prosthesis applications, a capsule in the butt prosthesis is limited within prosthetic body tissues. Hip aesthetic surgery is performed with general anesthesia. It takes between 3 and 5 hours. Instead of having this prosthesis, having fat injections provide more benefits. The prostheses are not suitable for everyone. Generally, doctors prefer fat injections.

Butt Augmentation with Filling

Aesthetic technology is developing. It has become possible to flourish with filling materials to a different extent for every region of the body. This filling is also used for the rounding and shaping of the butt area. Recently, with the combination of oil injection and augmentation, the butt can obtain a beautiful shape.

What Should be Done If My Body Does Not Adapt with the Fat?

The doctors prefer the patient's own fat for this surgery. Thus, this situation is an unlikely or low probability.

Can the Application be Repeated?

It is possible to re-operate.

Return to the Daily Life

Maximum of 10 days later it is possible to return to daily life.