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Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

Smooth and plump butts that are considered a symbol of femininity have been the subject of aesthetic applications. Therefore, many women have started to apply butt aesthetics. For people who want to have a lifted beautiful butt Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is the key.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Card

Duration of Operation Changeable 2-3 Hours
Operation Area Butt
Anesthesia Type General
Pain Treshold 2 Weeks
Start Time Post/Op 1
First Shower Op.1 Week Later
Recovery Time Between 1-3 Months
Re-operation Status 1 Year Later & It's Up To Preferences
Gym-Cardio 1 Month Later
Suture Mark No Suture
Age Limit Up From 18
Suture Type  -
Oedema Status Less/Average
Hospitalize 1 Night
Open/Close Technic Close

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift in the aesthetic applications that are applied to shape the hip area and to ensure that the area reaches a full and steep appearance. There are also three different types of Brazilian butt lifts. These are the aesthetics of the hip by fat injection, butt lifting with suspension, and the esthetic with prosthesis. The procedure is determined by the surgeon and the patient is informed about the procedure. In addition, the operation can be combined with aesthetic operations such as Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Thigh Lift, and Breast Augmentation.

Butt Prosthesis Method: In this method, if the level of fullness in the upper part of the patient's hip is insufficient, specially produced silicone prostheses are used. Thanks to this process, the hip region reaches both high and slightly more dislocated positions towards the rear. In addition, the prostheses produced for the buttocks are placed in the hips muscles. Finally, there are no traces in the region after the prosthesis method.

Butt Lift with Suspension: If there are some collapses in the butt area and the lower abdomen of patients because of weight loss, this can only be raised by a suspension. After examining the skin structure of the patients, the fat injection or prosthesis method can be used.

Fat Injection: This is one of the most common Brazilian butt lift methods. With the help of thin lip and liposuction of the upper and lower part of the buttock articulated liposuction fat is taken from the patient. This oil passes through several processes and is placed on the top of the butt. This allows for a noticeable fullness.

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift

The cost of butt surgery is a major factor for most people considering cosmetic surgery. Brazilian butt lift cost mostly depends on the surgeon's fee. In addition, anesthesia fees, medical tests, hospital costs, and additional procedures cost also affects the price. The cost of the process also varies according to the preferred method. For example, the fat tissue needed may be different in each patient. In summary, in order to get detailed information about prices, contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Butt Lift

Is Brazilian Butt Lift a Permanent Operation?

The Brazilian butt lift, which is a reshaped aesthetic application according to the preferred embodiment, is a process of persistence. For example, it can be used for many years unless there is a serious problem with the prosthesis. In other words, if the silicone prosthesis does not come out, there is no problem.

In the aesthetic procedure where the fat injection is used, the retention time of the fat tissue injected into the hip area is examined. In general, adipose tissue can remain in the area where it has been injected for many years. There is a different problem with some parts over time. The important thing is that the injection of oil is repeated according to the approval of the plastic surgeon in certain periods. In this way, a beautiful hip appearance can be maintained for many years.

Which Candidates are Eligible for Brazilian Butt Lift?

The butt structure of women living in Brazil attracts attention with its aesthetic and upright appearance. When examined physically, the non-excessively large butts may appear large because it is plump. In general terms, the upright and aesthetic appearance of the butt can be protected with the help of sports and proper nutrition. However, recently, Brazilian butt lift has become popular. This aesthetic application preferred by patients with small butt structures also refers to the processing of those who want to have a butt that adapts to their body lines.

In addition to those with a flat or square butt shape, can also demand Brazilian butt lift to have a lighter butt. This operation is appropriate for flattening, relaxation, and sagging of the butt due to weight loss or aging of the hip region.

In fact, the hip region symbolizes power and wealth in every society. It is also thought to represent a sexual attraction in terms of women. Therefore, it can be said that there is no need to hide the hip area. Of course, to have a much more beautiful hip, hip aesthetics should be remembered.

What is the Remarkable Characteristic of Brazilian Butt?

The most notable feature of the Brazilian butt is the fact that the buttocks are wide. The form of the hip, which is completely suitable for aesthetics, is also a tight, smooth, and dislocated structure.

Is the Oil Injection More Healthy During Aesthetics?

The most applied method during this process is fat injection. With the oil injected into the hip area, a beautiful appearance can be achieved. Of course, the procedure must be performed by a qualified surgeon.

What are the Advantages of Brazilian Butt Lift?

The healing process is much faster in this application with tight and natural results. Smooth and vibrant skin quality is also available. It is healthy since the regional oils are used. Finally, it provides an advantage in reshaping the hip and waist area.

Brazilian Butt Lift with Fat Injection

Brazilian butt aesthetics, which is a popular hip esthetics application, has no problem with the use of fat injection. First of all, patients should be checked whether they are suitable for this practice. In addition, it is necessary to determine the excess fat tissue for the injection of fat.

It is important to pay attention to the area from which the oil is taken before the operation. After this process, it is decided which area of the hips to transfer the fat to. With the help of special cannulas, the fat from the areas where the fat layers are located is then injected into the hip. The fat injection process may be insufficient in the excessively drooping hip areas, especially in those with low hip regions. Therefore, the silicone prosthesis may also be used as an alternative. But the person who will decide this process is only the plastic surgeon.

Are Fat Cells Damaged During Plastic Surgery?

Vibration support is used during degreasing. This minimizes the risk of damage to the fat cells and does not damage the fat cells.

Surgical Stages in Brazilian Butt Aesthetics

The patients who want their butts to have the appearance of a Brazilian hip or butt are undergoing surgery under general anesthesia. The surgery can take up to 3 hours. If the silicone butt prosthesis is used during the operation, it is ensured that the fluids that will be collected in the region are taken out after the operation.

In this process, plastic tubes called drains are placed in the region. Removal of the tubes takes place within 5 days after the operation. The shape of the new hip appearance created must also be maintained. For this reason, surgeons should always pay attention to their recommendations.

General anesthesia is used for Brazilian butt lift. Therefore, patients rest at a hospital overnight. Conditions such as fatigue and pain that may occur after the procedure can be eliminated with prescription painkillers. In addition, patients should not exert pressure on the hip area within the day after surgery. The shape of the seat should therefore also be slightly sideways.

Does Brazilian Butt Lift Leave Traces?

Every patient does not want to undergo a surgery that will leave a trace in their body, no matter which aesthetic application it is. The same applies to Brazilian butt lift. According to the preferred method, a permanent trace problem may occur. For example, in the fat injection method, the traces on the skin surface are not very clear. Only traces in the areas where the cannulae are used can be noticed.
There will be no trace of these small scars after the recovery period. If a silicone prosthesis is used in butt aesthetics, permanent traces will be evident in the incision regions between the hip cheeks. However, it should be noted that these signs will not be noticed when the patient wears underwear or swimsuits.

Can Those Who Have Flattened Their Butt Can Apply for This Procedure?

Emulsion and fat injection and aesthetic application are not sufficient for patients with flattened buttocks. Therefore, the use of hip prostheses is more useful.

Can Thin People Have Brazilian Butt Lift?

Thin people have a flatter hip appearance. For this reason, the patient cannot be injected with fat. It would be more accurate for such patients to have a silicone hip aesthetic.

Are There Any Side Effects of Brazilian Butt Lift?

No side effects are seen in patients who benefit from this aesthetic practice. Only the first 15 days after the procedure, the hip may be difficult to lie on. Also used fillers do not cause any allergic effect.

Are There Stitches in the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The use of sutures in the hip area may reveal a beautiful appearance in the first phase of the application. However, in this process, the region of the hip may be unattractive because the edema may occur at the site of application. Hip occur due to the passing of the edema. Therefore, the aesthetics made by using stitches are shorter.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Time

If the patients prefer fat injection for Brazilian Butt Lift, they can return to their daily life 15 days after the procedure. It is important to complete the recovery in this process. In addition, excessive pressure should not be applied to the hip area and a pillow should be used while sitting or sleeping. The total recovery time is usually 2 months.

Patients who prefer a silicone hip prosthesis instead of a fat injection may return to their daily life after about 21 days. Similarly, support should be obtained from the pillows during the recovery period. After 3 weeks the vehicle can be driven and other activities can be done. Only those activities that will force the hip area should be avoided.

It requires a total of 10 weeks for patients to perform every physical activity. In fact, since Brazilian butt lift is highly successful, this period may vary from patient to patient. Nevertheless, the clearest and accurate information will be shared with you by specialist plastic surgeons.