BEARD TRANSPLANT Beard transplantation significantly changes the aesthetic appearance of the face in men. Deformations caused by beard transplantation cause changes in the facial temperament of patients. In our beard transplantation center, which acts with the awareness of this issue, we carry out beard transplantation without changing the facial expression of the patients, while preserving their facial identities and without causing various deformations.   The technique that our clinic cares about in beard transplantation is the FUE technique. Because with the FUE technique, there is no need for extra operations such as incisions and stitches, and it is also ensured that the faces of the patients are not deformed with these procedures. The hair follicles are taken into practice in the area to be planted without waiting.   Thanks to the beard transplantation performed with aesthetic concern, it is ensured that the patients do not lose anything from their natural appearance. When compared in terms of application, it is seen that the FUE technique is no different from hair transplantation.  


While the grafts are usually taken from the nape of the neck in hair transplantation, it differs from the desired part of the body in beard transplantation and mustache transplantation. In general, 3000 roots are obtained from the area where the grafts will be taken, which is left to the decision of the patient. 3000 roots are generally sufficient for beard transplantation. If water contact is made in the area where the grafts are taken after the beard transplant, it can be seen that the area exhibits a pinkish appearance.   The contact of this area with water does not cause any problems in the area where the grafts are taken. In 1 to 2 weeks, this will improve.   As a result of the hair taken from the nape area, thinning may be encountered. Therefore, our doctors do not prefer the nape area for beard and mustache transplantation. You can contact our clinic to get service from our successful doctors in the field of beard transplantation.      


Beard transplantation is an operation that is not as common as hair transplantation. Therefore, it is a job that requires expertise and experience. For this reason, the number of experts who know and experience the beard transplant operation and give successful results in this field is scarce.   If you are also complaining about your beard scarcity, lack of growth, sparse growth or thinning beard for any reason and this situation affects you psychologically, you can have a healthy beard mass by getting service from our successful doctors in our beard transplant center.   Our successful physicians in our center are among the rare specialists who perform beard transplantation in Turkey. Our doctors, who have a lot of experience and experience, help your beards that have fallen out for any reason to reproduce with non-surgical techniques.  


Taking grafts from the protruding parts of the beard, for example over the neck and cheekbones, is defined as a correct practice by our doctors. The hair follicles applied to the sparse areas of the beard without surgery are made by considering the direction of the other hair follicles on the face of the person.   Instead of making the patient dream of more beard in the first place, our doctors act very realistically and aim for the patients to have a natural appearance. Our successful doctors in beard transplantation pay attention to the fact that there is no scar in the graft area they receive. With this work they do with care and attention, it can be stated that only minor abrasions that occur after the removal of the grafts will heal in just a few days. In order to prevent the hair follicles from multiplying in the area, permanent laser is applied to the area where the graft is taken, and it is important to keep the hair growth in the area where the grafts are taken.   The fact that there are few doctors in our country that makes beard transplantation causes people to spend a lot of effort in finding a successful doctor. However, with the success, experience and knowledge of our physicians, we receive praise from each of our patients and we are proud of the work we do.  


Beard transplant prices are arranged in the same way as hair transplant prices. The number of roots to be transplanted to the region where shedding is experienced has a distinctive feature on beard transplant prices. As in hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied to the patient, taking into account that the patients do not feel pain and ache during the operation. In our center, which works with a specialist team, the health conditions of the patients are definitely examined before the operation.   If our patients are not suitable for local anesthesia, different solutions are sought. Our doctors provide a one-on-one meeting with our patients and warn their patients about all issues such as what kind of situations await the patient, how the operation should be performed, what they should pay attention to after the operation. After our physicians have their patients undergo the necessary examinations and tests, they act solution-oriented and first create a model for the beard line. Our doctors act by considering all effects so that unexpected results are not encountered. Before the operation, it is absolutely necessary to examine whether there are enough hair follicles for beard transplantation in patients. In our center, which performs all these procedures in sterile environments, each of our doctors consists of specialists who have sufficient knowledge, experience and experience in their field. In order to receive service from the best beard transplantation center, you can benefit from the most technological opportunities of our beard transplantation center, which provides service under the conditions sought.