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Arm Lift Brachioplasty in Turkey

The arm sags due to aging as well as frequent weight gain and loss. You can get rid of flabby arms with an arm lift with an operation in Turkey. After this surgery performed by our talented suregons, your arm will look fitter.

What is The Arm Lift Operation?

Deterioration of skin thickness and elasticity is inevitable due to many factors, especially aging and weight gain and loss. As the person ages, the elastic and collagen fibers in the body become distorted and deformed, and subcutaneous fat tissue shrinks. Accordingly, body tissues loosen and sag.

If the skin of arms sags, the condition can be corrected by an arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty. Excess skin and fat in the undersides of your arm are removed, sagging is eliminated and the skin is stretched to obtain a toned appearance.

If you want to have this surgery, please consult our plastic surgeons for techniques, expectations, conditions that contraindicate arm lift, and potential risks.

Why is the Arm Lift Procedure Done?

This surgery allows the removal of sagging skin on the lower and inner side of the arm due to aging and significant weight changes. Thus, both the outer contour of the arm is corrected and the skin appears firm and well-toned.

For body recontouring surgeries, all body parts should be considered as a whole for a proportional appearance of body parts. A back lift or a tummy tuck are surgeries that can be combined with an arm lift. Otherwise, the result will not be satisfactory.

You should discuss the aim of the arm lift with our plastic surgeon in order to get the most realistic and satisfactory outcomes.

Our expert surgery team will employ all practices to minimize the risk of complications and our plastic surgeons will preoperatively inform you about risks listed above and all other potential complications and will address all your concerns.

Cost of Arm Lift- Brachioplasty

As in all surgeries, arm lift prices also vary depending on the person's wishes and needs. To get more clear information about the pricing of the arm lift operation contact us!